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Why Work With Me – Edna Keep?

Incredible Results

The number one reason you should work with me is the incredible results that can help you achieve in your Real Estate business. Whether you’re looking at long term buy and hold, multifamily apartment buildings, Fix and Flips or Rent to Own, I’ve done it all and seen it all.

My biggest goal is to help you become a hugely successful real estate entrepreneur, so that you can live life how you want while building your wealthy lifestyle.

I love the course 90 Days to 5k and I’m shocked at how much value you were able to fit into the 90 days.  When I look back at my progress from day 1 of the course to the finish it’s amazing how far I’ve come as a real estate entrepreneur. Everything I learned in the course I have had to rely on in some way when analyzing deals, starting my company and preparing to make offers.

What was most valuable for me was continued access to the material.  I need repetition to learn new material as sometimes it does not sink in the first time I hear it.  I often have to apply new information to real world situations to understand and remember it.  Because you have made the presentations available to your students 24/7 I have often gone back and re-read the modules 3-4 more times.  Even information I thought wasn’t that important turns out to be exactly what I need to solve a problem and continue forward. Maybe I’m a bit of a know-it-all and should trust my mentor more (wink.)

I knew I could be successful in real estate but I didn’t know how until you and your group of masterminds helped me (and inspired me with confidence).  I have probably skipped 10 years of trial/error, maybe frustration and tough lessons and replaced those years with years I can be investing in successful ventures.

To close I would like to offer the biggest reason of why this course has set me up for success.  It is the most important part and without a doubt the most overlooked.  The MINDSET to learn/succeed/achieve/invest has to be there.  I don’t want to sound dramatic but. . . .it is more important to success than any amount of money or information.  My two-cents.

I would recommend this course 100%.  AND – I would warn prospective students what you told me before I entered.  You only get out what you put in.  If you work, you will achieve everything you set out for.

Graham Bateson
90 Days to 5k Student

In the last 4 years, with Edna Keep as our coach, my husband and I have obtained over 310 doors valued at over $30,000,000.00 using other investor money! 

Edna is a person that is continually studying, upgrading knowledge in all sorts of ways, Mindset, Real Estate Investments etc. Edna is a great leader and very well respected in and outside of our community. Edna has integrity, is dependable & trustworthy. I love that she is my mentor.

I have known and worked with Edna for over fifteen years now. It is a rare thing for me to say that I completely trust an individual, but when I stop and think about my working relationship with Edna, I realize that I do trust her – 100% unequivocally and without hesitation. I have made several business purchases with Edna over the years and found myself at the point of completing another just the other day. Unfortunately, a last minute hitch came up before I could take possession – the home builder would not provide a New Home Warranty on the new property. Needless to say, this made me more than a little nervous and, after talking to Edna about it, we both felt that something was amiss. Without hesitation or second thought, we both decided to let the deal fall through – both of us having that instinct that something was just not right about the situation. That is what I love about Edna – she puts her clients’ interests first – not her own. In this case it was not about making another deal, it was about making sure I was taken care of in a trustworthy and honest manner. That is how I think of Edna when it comes to our dealings. Not once in 15 years have I ever regretted a purchase decision – not once has anything untoward happened after the deal has gone through – nothing hidden, nothing shady – all professional. That is Edna – the consummate professional and I highly recommend her to anyone in the real estate market.

Hi Everyone. I would like to give a shout out for Edna Keep. She is a good friend of mine and she has also just become my coach a few months ago.

I guess we met about 5 or 6 years ago maybe and just became friends by chatting at a group that we met at and from there she helped me by hiring me to do some staging for her and then I got her to start giving me a little bit of advice about what to put my money into. She helped me figure out how to buy a house and a condo and that’s going really well.

Just lately she has been taking a lot of training and has started coaching people as well. So she has been doing a couple of months of coaching with me and helps me focus on what it is I want to do, and keep me centered, and just give me good advice on how I can make my business life a little bit easier and get multiple streams of income. That is what she is really good at. So I have found that she’s really been helpful in a lot of areas, and if you would like to hire her to do the same for you, I think that she would be really good at it. She’s very positive, supportive, always answers my questions, and answers my calls, emails, and Facebook messages. And just really
has been helpful for me.

Hopefully, this will help you decide to hire Edna as your coach and/or to get her to help you in other ways.

Dianne Thompson

After working closely with Edna and helping her grow her business 2 things that I know about her that should matter to you—because they’re the 2 things that attract massive success and wealth.

First, she has an incredibly optimistic and persistent mindset that allows her to be so successful. It’s impossible to be near Edna and not gain more confidence, optimism and see a brighter future.

And second, she understands the key elements that go into building a successful business. You can do all the “positive thinking” you want, but without understanding the underlying mechanics of high-growth businesses, you’ll be positively broke forever.

Edna is an incredible woman, not only because she’s achieved so much success … but because she’s even more passionate about sharing that knowledge and empowering others to do the same.

You’d be well served to listen to what Edna has to say, because she’s figured out what it takes to create and sustain success over the long term.

Greg Habstritt
President, SimpleWealth Inc

Edna is an absolutely stellar woman. She has taken control of her own life by educating herself and diversifying exactly where she felt she needed to and in turn has created an empire for herself and her family. Edna is dedicated, independent, determined and has a positive outlook on everything. I have learned so much from Edna and I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

Janelle Marchewka – Nucerity Diamond

Searching for prosperity, abundance and wealth? Start here!

Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of
Creating Your Own Destiny and
The Affluent Entrepreneur

Edna’s expert advice has stood me in good stead over many years. Her in depth knowledge and care for her clients cannot be surpassed.

Myrna Dureau

Edna’s expert advice has stood me in good stead over many years. Her in depth knowledge and care for her clients cannot be surpassed.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Edna since 2009. She is a brilliant and energized business professional that I hold in very high regard. Her integrity, and genuine interest in taking care of people is evident, and she is always willing to help others get better. All clients and business associates that Edna interacts with really enjoy and respect her style and approach. Her capacity and work ethic is second to none. I will always make the time to listen to what Edna has to say, as she offers wisdom and advice that everyone can benefit from.

Mike Mack, MBA CEO, X5 Management
Business Consultant/Coach & Facilitator

Myrna Dureau

I’ve spent a lot of time with Edna and can say without a doubt that she knows her stuff and is someone that if you are wanting to learn how to make money in different ways, she is the person to get with!

Ray Higdon, Coach, Trainer, Best-Selling Author


As Edna’s coach I have had the privilege of getting to know her at a unique level. Edna is a powerful mentor for three clear reasons: her mindset, her courage, and her desire to equip and empower others. Edna is always learning because she believes there is always room for improvement. She takes what she learns and intentionally applies it, which exercises courage as she ventures into new areas of opportunity. She has a big vision which includes providing knowledge and tools to others to create the same level of success for themselves. With Edna’s proven track record and desire to build up others, there’s benefit to everyone to learn from Edna!

Jill Poulton, CEG Leadership & Business Coach,
Trainer & Speaker Destination by Design
Founding Partner with the John Maxwell Team

“Edna Keep is one of the sharpest entrepreneurial minds I have ever encountered. My wife and I have been honored to work with her these last few years and watch her business thrive. We had the pleasure of speaking at her last event and it was awesome. If you are looking for a coach that cares, Edna is a great one! “

Ray Higdon

“The 90 days to 5k course that I recently took with Edna Keep was invaluable! She took us through all levels of growth that are required to have and grow a successful business. The amount of detail that was included with each module enabled me to build all components of my business systematically and put me far ahead of where I would be without Edna’s help.

Joe Migadel
Tanjad Investments
Calgary Alberta

My brother John and I went through the 90 days to 5k course and we got the confidence and mindset shift that we needed for us to pursue our dream of buying and owning rental properties. We’ve gone to a lot of real estate conferences to see what’s out there, and have found that what we learned through 90 days to 5k has allowed us to do so much more in our real estate business.

We’re home renovators by trade, so having edna walk us through how to look for and analyze deals has completely shifted our view of investing in real estate.

Within 7 months of Working with Edna we bought our first 32 unit apartment building and currently have 144 units under contract, if you want to ask me any questions you can email me at [email protected], thank you and have a great day. 

Cornie and John Krahn

I have been quite active in real estate and felt I was quite rounded in education. However the 90 Days to 5k course actually improved my approach a lot.  I found it pulled a lot of different activities, paperwork, and thought processes all into one approach.  

The most valuable part of the course to me was actually getting me to develop a focus and put it to words.

It is very easy to say you are interested and be active in real estate.  It is another to create your focus, turn it into a mission, a web site, a capitalization binder, and then help you realize your confidence to present these items to investors. I now feel the tools are in my hands to find the investors, and the opportunity.  

Great course, would highly recommend to bring your game together.

George & Jackie Furneaux

Worry Free Real Estate Investing Solutions

For a lot of Real Estate Entrepreneurs starting out in the fix and flip or rental markets they find themselves going with their gut on a lot of complex decisions. The outcome of those decisions can affect their business and their lives for years to come and unfortunately the outcome isn’t always positive.

Over the last decade I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my Real Estate education as well as learned from experience through purchasing over 450 doors, valued at over 47 million dollars.

I am an expert on teaching you how to find, attract and keep investors happy.

I also take real estate seriously and I teach my students the most worry free way of reaching their real estate goals in the shortest amount of time. I provide you with real life experience, knowledge and access to my network of highly successful real estate investors and mastermind students who can help you achieve your goals and financial security as well.

Money Back Guarantee

I have one simple rule… you put in the work and you’ll see results. Your success depends on the amount of focus that you apply to it. In my 90 days to 5k program I provide all of my students with a 60 day money back guarantee, provided you put in the work.

Ask about our money back guarantee during your strategy session with me.

Flexible Payment Options

I have flexible payment options available for everything from my one on one and group coaching programs to my 90 days to 5k, and mindset courses.

I understand that when you’re starting out in Real Estate that money can be an issue. I’ve been there myself. That’s why I offer upfront and monthly billing for every Real Estate product and course that I create.

Award Winning

There are a lot of coaches and consultants out in the world who promise results and that they themselves have achieved results, but with no real way of backing that up.

In my Real Estate career I have won and my students have won numerous Real Estate Investing awards including the REIN (Real Estate Investing Network) Top Player Award, The Tigrent Learning International Hall of Fame award (Formerly Rich Dad), and various other business awards throughout my career.

I want you to be confident that you’re working with a coach who knows her stuff, that you’re getting the best education and guidance possible and that I’m here every step of the way.

Expert Coaching & Training

When I first started out in Real Estate, Warren and I decided that we needed education to get us on the right foot. We opted for the Rich Dad Poor Dad Training, which at the time cost us $27,000 US dollars. Not to mention the time away from home, the travel and the added expenses of diving head first into the world of Real Estate Investing.

I also continually work with multiple coaches throughout the year and am a part of highly successful masterminds so that I can continue to expand my mindset, my wealth of knowledge and my value to my students and my team.

I am a firm believer that with the right mindset and the best training we can solve the biggest problems making the world and our lives better in the process.

My teachings, courses, coaching and programs are all built on top of what I have learned through industry experts and my own experience in building a net worth of over $47 Million Dollars. My experience and wisdom continues to grow daily and I pass all of the important stuff on to my students and Masterminders.

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