We all have at least one poor habit that looms over us. It could be personal, professional or health related. Maybe it’s not a bad habit but a great habit that we haven’t implemented yet. Whichever behavior it is that you’re looking to adjust, these  tips should provide some helpful guidance.

Think of the one thing that you want to change and then apply these ideas!

First of all, start small

Commit to changing one habit every 30 days.

Associate with role models – people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Understand that some habits are harder to break than others.

  1. Make it daily, stay consistent and don’t give up.
  2. Focus on why you want to change rather than how hard it is to change. 
  3. Be aware of your subconscious resistance to change.
  4. Listen to your own excuses and dispute them.
  5. Keep it simple – One habit at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much change.
  6. Be aware of potential obstacles and challenges.
  7. Leave yourself reminders so you do not forget what you are trying to change.
  8. Commit fully and don’t back down.
  9. Go easy on yourself if you slip. Figure out why it happened and use it as a learning experience.
  10. Set milestones and reward  yourself when you reach them.
  11. Use “BUT” – I know it Is hard BUT I will get better…

Once you complete a habit without thinking about it, it is time to move onto building a new one.

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