I’m wondering if you’d be interested in having a second stream of income. If so, stick around and I’ll fill you in on what it is.

I recently was introduced to a business opportunity that I found very, very interesting.

One of the fellows I’ve been coaching with for over a year who has, I believe he has 11 streams of income right now – and how I started dealing with him was he bought 40 real estate properties free and clear and that’s one of his income streams, but as we were working together this one came to my attention.

I’ve always wanted to own a shopping mall. We had put an offer on one a few years back and worked all of the way through to get financing and got turned down because of environmental issues so someone from Alberta came in and scooped it out from under us and they got financing through an Alberta bank who wasn’t so concerned about the environmental issue. And ever since then it’s been in the back of my mind that I’ve wanted to own a shopping mall.

Well, I have now found a way that I can be part owner of a shopping mall so this business opportunity is mostly e commerce and it has a small degree of network marketing if you chose to go that way. What I’m especially intrigued by with this stream of income is it only requires money to be involved.

So with myself I purchased a $2,500 package and I paid $250 a month that goes toward advertising and looking for free members. It’s a cash back shopping site so every free member that you get you get a portion of their purchases online and I believe it’s something like 60,000 stores that we have access to. The first time I went shopping through my website and the VIP membership was $99.00 and free membership got 1% cash back and as a VIP member I was able to get 7% cash back.

I bought a few TV’s for the apartment buildings and they were on sale at Walmart for $318.00 apiece. I didn’t know what they would be in the store, but I thought that was really good. That was delivered to my door so free shipping and handling, and on top of that I got 7% cash back.

So if something like that intrigues you, reach out to me at www.multiplewaystowealth.com or shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will fill you in on the details. There’s a big promo going on starting December 1 where there’s going to be some cash back offered with your free membership so it it’s something that interests you, let me know.

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