Profit in the Prairies Real Estate Group Presents:

Learn to Create Your Best Life, Passive Income, and the Freedom To Live On Your Own Terms

During the 3rd Annual Profit in The Prairies Real Estate Forum 

March 27th, 28th, & 29th 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Regina

1975 Broad St, S4P 1Y2  Virtual Tour

This 3 day LIVE event is designed to jump-start the real estate education that you need to multiply your income and increase your confidence in the business world.  No matter what your level of experience, the presenters at this forum will guide you to mastering your mindset for personal and professional success as an investor.  

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself so you start taking advantage of all of the exciting opportunities available in the Canadian real estate market in 2017.

If you’re an open minded participant these 3 days could change your life.


If you want to learn from experienced real estate investors with established, million dollar portfolios then this is the event for you.

Experience live presentations and investment pitches with successful experts who don’t just talk about building wealth – they go out and create it.  As thinkers and doers they are passionate about teaching new and experienced investors how to create passive income and incredible lifestyles in the real estate market.  

Even if you don’t have capital you can begin your career as a real estate entrepreneur.  

It all starts with the right education and connections.



Empower Yourself with Professional Development

Success is not just about what you do – it’s about how you think.  Our presenting industry leaders give you the tools you need to confidently pursue your goals and start thinking like a true wealth builder.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

This event experience puts you on the path to creating permanent, passive income, no matter your background or experience in investing.

Learn From Experts Who Built Multi-Million Dollar Portfolios

Our speaker line-up features investors and creative financing specialists who have developed a proven system for building wealth through real estate investments.


Get ready to connect to like-minded people who share your journey so you can get FIRED up and increase both your desire and ability to create personal wealth.

From Minimum Wage to a $47 Million Dollar Portfolio –

Meet Your Host, Edna Keep

In Edna own words, “If a girl who grew up in a small prairie town in central Canada, and never made more than minimum wage until she was 30, can buy 437 properties in less than 9 years, You Can Too.”

Today Edna Keep is one of Canada’s most renowned real estate investors, wealth creators, and coaches.  With the help of her husband, Warren, she built her real estate career from the ground up, creatively experimenting with different ways to raise capital and do profitable real estate transactions.  

Her real estate portfolio now has a value of more than $47 million dollars and she can teach you her blueprint for success.

Each year she hosts Profit in the Prairies and is passionate about bringing people together, and most importantly helping others to discover multiple ways to build wealth.


What You’ll Learn

Tools For Mastering Your Mind for Success

How to build a network of private investors who are Willing & Ready to Invest Money in your real estate deals

How to easily scale and build your real estate business so you can control you and your family’s future

Step by step process to break through the self-imposed barriers that stop you from playing a bigger game and have you multiplying your income and quality of life

Ways to increase your confidence and upgrade your prosperity mindset so you can execute positive change

A guide for expanding your vision of your true purpose, releasing resentments, and judgements of yourself and others

How to gain the courage to move to your next big level

An experience that you can look back on and say “this event changed my life”

Clarity about how to care for your needs

Handle the annoyances that drain your energy

Increase your capacity for deserving

Simplify your life by creating systems that liberate you

Expand your ability to being open to great opportunities

Say yes to what you want in life

Above all, you’ll learn to create the absolutely thriving life you deserve!

Are you ready to join us?

You can pay $99 right now to register and get your money back at the door.

Yes, that’s right. On The House.


Pay $99 To hold your seat, Get a $100 bill at the door when you arrive. ———–> HERE



VIP experience networking lunches all 3 days on site, priority access, priority seating, access to The Prairie Dragons Panel, and many other special surprises in store for you!

SECURE YOUR VIP SPOT  $275       ———–> HERE

“If you’re in any kind of business, whether you’re selling yourself or you’re selling a product or if you want to know if real estate is for you this is where you should come.” – Cornie Krahn


“(The presenters) have amazing experiences and amazing successes. We’ve already got a list of who we are inviting for next year.” – Edna Keep


This event is an exciting opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals who share your goals and vision for building a better life.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from established investors, hear their experiences,  and learn how they made game changing deals for their business.

SPECIAL Opportunities


Learn what it takes to get real estate deals funded through private investors.  

If you have a real estate deal, or amazing business opportunity for which you need funding you’ll have the chance to pitch to the dragons during the event!

To Get on Our List For The Prairie Dragons CLICK HERE AND GET IN TOUCH!


Mark Frentz

Mark’s passion is to journey with others no matter where they find themselves in order to grow, together, at a pace that fits the individual. He is currently a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute focusing on how people can reach much more of their potential by understanding their deepest desires and then learning motivation and moving past procrastination toward success, inspiration, and fulfillment in life.

You can learn more about Mark HERE



Barry McGuire – Real Estate Agreements for Sale

Barry C. McGuire (BA, LLB) is the Investor Lawyer. With over 40 years of experience as an attorney, Barry’s practice emphasizes real estate. He is co-author of the national bestseller, 97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors and is a sought-after speaker for investment, real estate, and law groups. Check out the great things attendees of his workshops are saying: Testimonials. Barry is senior counsel at RMLO Law LLP in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Knowing about the law opens the door to exciting opportunities with Creative Strategies that aren’t common knowledge.


At some point, most people will need more than information and a “do-it-yourself” attitude; they will need a helping hand with the legalities of real estate.

To hear more about Barry while you wait for the event, you can head to his website and check out his amazing Podcast- “Tales From The Trenches”

Tales from the Trenches is an audio series that provides information, tips, and lessons about the legal side of real estate investing. It features real life stories of Canadian investors. Barry McGuire shares his decades of experience as a real estate lawyer in Alberta buying, renting, and selling property!

Edna Keep -More Info To Come — Mindset, Creative Finance, Finding The Money and More

Paul Martin – More Info To Come

Shelley Hagen – Real Estate Wholesaling- More Info To Come

Marcin Drozd – More Info To Come

Seanna Goalen – More Info To Come

Think Bigger  = Marketing Training For Your Real Estate Business

More speakers to be announced shortly

Limited Space Available

March 27th, 28th, & 29th 2017


Pay $99 To hold your seat, Get a $100 bill at the door when you arrive. ———–> HERE



VIP experience networking lunches all 3 days on site, priority access, priority seating, access to The Prairie Dragons Panel, and many other special surprises in store for you!

SECURE YOUR VIP SPOT  $275       ———–> HERE

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