Are you struggling with high vacancies?


Or having a difficult time finding and keeping your ideal tenants in your properties? We’re letting you in on our 3 simple – but effective secrets to reaching ideal tenants.



1. Use the Law of Attraction

Curb appeal sets the standard for your property. When preparing the property, practice the law of attraction – make your property a mirror image of the type of tenants you want – Organized, tidy, colorful and respectful. Keeping manicured, weed-free lawn and clear walkways sets a precedent for your tenant to do the same. Flower planters or gardens will attract those that take pride in the appearance of property. Tenants will see that you effort into providing a beautiful property for them to enjoy and will realize that you expect the same from them. A yard that is well taken care of will likely result in a home that’s well taken care of!



2. Make a lasting First Impression

Ensure the entrance way and home is clean! Having clean walls, carpets, a fresh scent in the air and bright windows will give the tenant a welcoming first impression. Put your best foot forward when showing the property and you will raise the bar of expectation. Show them that you care about the home and the comfort of their living situation. This should be the beginning of a relationship of mutual respect for one another.

3. Get personable!
Be a landlord that tenants will like – After all, you’re hoping to make this a long-term relationship aren’t you? Be kind but firm about your expectations but do not treat the tenants as customer or transaction. They are selecting their future home, so remember – You’re both interviewing each other!
Make an effort to get to know the tenants and their children (if they are present). Getting to know the children that could live in your rental property is as important as getting to know their parents.
Knowing what the tenants value and their property wish list will help you to determine if you have the right tenants for your home. Ask them what property features or neighborhood amenities are important to them. In order to get the right tenants, you’ll want to ask the right questions!

4. Showcase the amenities
It’s likely that you have nearby amenities that potential tenants would like to know about – Point out great neighborhood features that will offer them a sense of the community. The more attached they are to the community the less likely you are to have a high turn-around of vacancies! Ask them questions such as why they are interested in living in the neighborhood, and what they are looking for in terms of services, amenities, etc. Give them detailed information about restaurants, shopping, bus stops, and more. If they have children point out schools, playgrounds and other family friendly activities nearby.

5. Be a magnet – Good attracts good!
One last point to consider is that great tenants will draw out great tenants. If you have model tenants in the same building or in another property, talk about how wonderful they are. This will encourage reliable and respectable tenants to feel confident moving into the area. If there are great neighbors nearby, that is worth pointing out too. Being a great landlord and having great tenants will attract more awesome tenants!
Best of luck on your new tenant search! We hope these tips guide you to finding and keeping your ideal tenants!


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