Has anyone ever asked you, “Do you ever wonder if you’ve got the attitude it takes to be super successful?” Well, if it’s something you want to know stick around and I’ll tell you my opinion on it.

So attitude – a lot of people wonder if they’ve got the right attitude to really be successful in the world. What I tell people when they ask me is, let them know that there are so many sayings about attitude. They’re saying “Attitude is gratitude, attitude is everything, and attitude is what you need to start to get your business off of the ground. You have to have a good attitude. If you have a bad attitude, people won’t like you,” and so on and so on.

So, what my take on it is that attitude is all about what you think about yourself. Because if you like yourself and you really appreciate yourself, then you can see your strengths and you can see the value that you can offer the world, then it is so much easier to have a good attitude about yourself.

If you’re the type of person who walks around and goes “Oh, I just can’t do that” or “I’m just not good at that” or “I’ll never get that done.” Well, learn how to work on Facebook, learn how to do a video – “I just can’t do that”. Well, that kind of attitude is going to hold you back a lot.

What I’m going to advise you to do is change that verbiage to “Oh that would be fun! I’ve never learned how to do a video before. Let’s try it and just play with it. Now, if I don’t look that great the first few times – so what?” How’s that for a good attitude? To me, that’s the attitude that’s going to get you places. Not that attitude that says, “Oh, I look like a retard on the video!” Try it, and you will see what happens and you might surprise yourself and actually after a half a dozen, or like me, maybe 25 or 30 videos, you get to the point where you say “Hey, I didn’t do too bad.”

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