Bonus Module 90 Day To Freedom

Here are your action items from Week Eight training. Make sure that you have completed each of these steps:

Watch all of the video content in Week 8 and thoroughly understand everything discussed.  I mean this.  Don’t skip a single video and don’t do this program out of order.  Follow the proven process and don’t skimp on anything.  Each individual piece is important.

  • What are the components of an IDEAL investment?
  • How many more deals could you do and how fast could you build your portfolio is you were not limited by your cash or your credit?
  • What is your new goal for how many doors you want now?
  • Analyze 100 deals – again – if you want to fast track analyze 100 in 100 days!
  • Join the conversation over in the Facebook group!
  • Once you have completed ALL of the action items above congratulations, you’re done with Week Eight of this training program!

And you are done!

Reach out to us if you’d like to know more about furthering your education.

Best Regards

Edna Keep