Have you been overwhelmed planning your outdoor space? Do you know what you like but have no idea how to put it together? Are you eager to learn the gardening trade but have no idea where to start?

A landscape designer may be exactly what you are looking for.

A landscape designer is an independent contractor who is able to walk into any space and realize its potential. They are trained to work with you to create an outdoor design plan to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Hiring a landscape designer is also a cost effective option because you pay only for design time rather than an entire landscape project.

A good landscape designer is trained to consider factors you may not, such as:

  • Extensive knowledge about what grows well in your region
  • Soil conditions
  • Available natural light
  • Water and drainage
  • Privacy
  • Maintenance expectations
  • Irrigation
  • Wind
  • Insects and diseases

For your part, you will want to provide:

  • Your gardening skill set
  • Existing plants and amenities
  • Your wants
  • Your needs
  • Style
  • Budget
  • Size of project

There is an old saying, “You don’t look at a garden, you look through a garden.” A well designed outdoor space should allow your eyes to travel through it. You should be able to see that everything has a purpose and how that purpose contributes to the final product.

Good landscaping is an environmentally responsible way to protect the future. It provides improved quality of life, not only for the owner but also for anyone who observes it. That combined with the added curb appeal and the additional value to your home makes it an all around win.


~ Edna

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