Your 90-DAY System For Real Estate Success

If you’ve been one of the more than 15,000 visitors to my most recent online webinar series, you already understand the power of real estate investing and you’ll realize that it’s not only possible, but very probable.

90 days to 5 k real estate investors course with edna keep

This 90 day course is designed to increase your confidence, give you credibility and train you to present yourself with integrity.

90 Days To 5K Real Estate Entrepreneurs Course is the one tool you need to build you multi-million dollar portfolio. In this course I reveal everything I did to grow mine!

In my 90 Days to 5k coaching program, I have planned the most strategic and in-depth blueprint of how establish and scale your real estate investment business.The best part? I show you exactly how to do it without using your own money.

My advice and coaching isn’t just theory, I give you the real-life experience of how I built my real estate portfolio from zero to 47 Million in just over 9 years. Within my first 18 Months of becoming a real estate entrepreneur, I had acquired nearly 75 doors – Now I have over 450. I don’t tell you this as a matter of bragging, it’s to assure that If I can do this with all joint venture investments, so can you!  

I am living proof that vast success in a short amount of time can be done.

The program covers the basic fundamentals of how to get started and takes you all the way through to most final stages of closing a deal.

The program covers the strategies that you should be using to attract your investors and joint venture partners and how you can acquire properties without using your own money and how to manage your business as efficiently as possible.

Do you want to maximize your cash flow & passive income while collapsing the amount of time that you need to dedicate to earning it? Of course you do! We all want more time, more money and more freedom.

90days to 5 k course with edna keep


Here is what the course offers to you:

  • Twelve 90-minute webinar sessions – with full access to watch and study at your own pace.
  • LIVE weekly calls
  • Personal feedback on all of your homework and questions
  • A private Facebook group for you to connect with and engage with other participants
  • 100% 30-day, money-back guarantee

money back guarantee 90 day to 5k real estate investors course with edna keep

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The very first thing we need to discover is your vision – the vision that you have for your life and your lifestyle. We will talk about financial freedom, what it means, how to create your vision and build your team.

I want you to help you to design your path so that once you arrive, you want the life you have.

This program is as much an exercise in self discovery as it is about the fundamentals of real estate investing. We go through the program with a strong focus on money mindset and how to apply it to your everyday life.

90% of what you achieve through this course will be because of your mindset shift.

“Work harder on yourself than your job. If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.”  –   Jim Rohn

The Course Outline: 

Module 1 – The Foundation, Drafting your Vision and Building Your Power Team

Module 2 – The Money Gap

Module 3 – Market Obstacles

Module 4 – Money & Agreements

Module 5 – Finding Money Partners

Module 6 – Big Money / Small Apartments

Module 7 –  Getting the Deals

Module 8 – Joint Venture Partners

Module 9 –  Presentation Binder / Documents / Contracts

Module 10 – Positioning & Marketing Yourself

Module 11 – Getting Online / Social Media & Digital Marketing

Module 12 – Bringing it All Together / Systemizing The Process


Looking for a more detailed outline of the course? Head HERE:


This course will require work and you need to be dedicated but:

By applying the secrets and strategies from 90 days to 5k you can attract more investors and find the right kind of deals in your real estate business quicker and easier than ever before.

90days to 5 real estate investors course with edna keep

What people are saying:

“The 90 days to 5k course that I recently took with Edna Keep was invaluable! She took us through all levels of growth that are required to have and grow a successful business. The amount of detail that was included with each module enabled me to build all components of my business systematically and put me far ahead of where I would be without Edna’s help”.

Joe Migadel, 90 Days to 5k Student

Tanjad Investments


“I love the course 90 Days to 5k and I’m shocked at how much value you were able to fit into the 90 days.  When I look back at my progress from day 1 of the course to the finish it’s amazing how far I’ve come as a real estate entrepreneur. I have probably skipped 10 years of trial/error, maybe frustration and tough lessons and replaced those years with years I can be investing in successful ventures.”

Graham Bateson, 90 Days to 5k Student


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Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of

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I’ve spent a lot of time with Edna and can say without a doubt that she knows her stuff and is someone that if you are wanting to learn how to make money in different ways, she is the person to get with!

Ray Higdon, Coach, Trainer, Best-Selling Author