During the next 20 years, the population of Canada will increase by at least 10 million people.
During the next 20 years, employees, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners will see their incomes rise by over 50 percent.
During the next 20 years more than 10 million echo boomers (children and grandchildren of the baby boomers) will enter the housing market to buy homes.
With government programs and lender outreach efforts in full swing, during the next 20 years, people in minority and immigrant groups will continue to buy homes in record numbers.
During the next 20 years, more than 10 million baby boomers will need retirement income. They will increasingly turn to real estate investment to meet this need. Demand for property as an investment will continue to explode.

You don’t need advanced knowledge of economics and demographics to recognize the fact that every major social trend is pushing real estate prices upward.

With Saskatchewan in the midst of an unprecedented increase of population and business opportunities, I am excited about what the future holds. Our province has so many resource riches. We have potash, oil, agriculture, water, all integral commodities that will continue to increase in demand all around the world. We are already witnessing a large influx of individuals to the province to take advantage of the opportunities these commodities hold. Housing first and foremost will be their most important concern. I see an enormous opportunity for all my clients to address that important concern by building their own personal wealth in the process.
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