Edna’s Media Kit

Hello, my name is Edna Keep and I love to make money! To do so, I focus primarily on real estate investments. In a little more than six years, my husband Warren and I have grown our real estate portfolio to over 388 doors with an estimated value of $40 million. All except the first two properties were bought with the help of OPM (other people’s money)! We own 14 doors personally and the rest with Joint Venture Partners, mostly passive Investors who are looking for a great return without being involved.

I certainly haven’t led a “silver spoon” life. At the age of sixteen, I had a child and dropped out of high school. I later completed school, then began a series of waitress and secretarial jobs, all as a single mother. What carried me from “there” to “here”? Two words: personal development.

I LOVE studying about personal development and business. I have bought and read thousands of books on attitude, goal setting, living with passion, and so on. I have attended numerous seminars and listened to countless audio programs. Warren and I have traveled throughout Canada, the United States and other parts of the world to attend seminars put on by some of the best speakers and entrepreneurs. I have done all this with one simple goal in mind: to get better.