When things don’t happen as we expect them to, we lose faith, not only in ourselves, but also in any promising outcome for the situation at-hand or our lives – Disappointment will naturally cause that to happen for many ‘unfaithful’ people.

When they experience life’s tiny or colossal failures, it’s natural to lose hope, and sometimes faith.

What’s the difference between Faith & Hope?

Faith, at its center, is deep-seated in the belief of excellent things to happen. Faith goes further than hope. While a great deal of hope lives only in the psyche, faith is entrenched in the heart and the spirit. It can’t be explained away by rationale or reason, or be understood through a single element.

Life can be hard at the best of times, but faith is the absolute awareness that things will improve. Faith is jumping, even when you can’t see the safety net. Simply stated, life could become unbearable at times if we didn’t have faith.

If you think about how many times per day we actually put faith to use, you will realize how debilitating things could seem without it. When you get in your car, you automatically have faith that you will safely get to where you are going. When you send your kids off to school, you have faith that they will come home safely. When you get on an airplane, you have faith that the pilot will get you safely to your destination. Without faith, how would we function in our daily lives?

Faith is just as vital as the air we breathe. Our bodies rely upon oxygen and our spirit relies on faith. Faith is the force that runs through every part of our beings – and often times, we don’t even realize it. It is the essential basis of our existence.
We put faith to work in our lives subconsciously, every single day. Just imagine the power we could harness if we started to use it consciously and actively.

Even when situations seem dismal and drab, it will be your faith that propels you forward.

Regrettably, some people don’t trust things that they cannot see. They fail to recognize the miniature phenomenon’s in life that happen on a constant basis. There’s a whole new level of existence and awareness when the thought and act of faith is exercised in one’s life.

5 reasons to actively practice awareness & faith:

1. Faith creates abundance

Life is remarkable, but it can also be extremely complicated at times. Faith is what helps to see us through, revealing the passageway in times of dimness, serving to give us strength in times of struggle. The more you are aware of when faith has worked in your favor, the more you will have to be grateful for. When you are grateful, you attract abundance.

2. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

When you begin to recognize faith is at work in your life, you will start to view challenges and difficult times as learning experiences and valuable tools to take you to the next level and rise to any occasion. Challenges and perceived failures are essential to our personal growth and development. Look upon them with appreciation.

3. Faith helps you to discover your purpose in life

When a person practices awareness of faith, appreciation and gratitude, they naturally become more inviting and available to life’s gifts. Happy and successful people tend to be more drawn to those that have a positive mindset and then over time, opportunities and great offerings will begin to be presented. When opportunities arrive, you will have the ability to see what excites you and fuels your fire. That discovery will lead you to passion and purpose.

4. Faith overrides stress, anxiety, and fear

Anxiety has become an all too common emotion in today’s society. Many people are inundated with judgements and supposed expectations by others – and they then internalize that. With the increase exposure to news, popular culture and television – some feel as though they are not living up to what is expected of them. At that point they may try to over compensate or take on things they don’t enjoy in order to gain what they perceive to be as acceptance. Carrying that load can cause stress and fear.
By having faith, you will know that: who you are and what you do is exactly what it’s meant to be. There is no need to keep up with the Jones’. Remember to stop comparing your Behind-The-Scenes with other peoples Highlight Reel. Faith will carry you past insecurity.

5. Faith acts as the pathway to finding solutions

Without faith, you will never find solutions. You must have faith to know that there is an answer to every problem. The common bond of all happy and successful people is that they believed they could, so they did. If they had lost faith and hope on their journey, how would they ever have arrived at their goals?

If you truly want something bad enough, deep down in your unrelenting heart– it will come to you!

Faithfully yours,


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