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This book may be the most important one you read today regarding financial health. You must first understand the reasons why it is so important to create financial freedom for yourself and the ones around you who you love and support.

I have gone from a sixteen year old single mother, to having virtually everything I could ever want and I have written this book to show you how you can too.

This book is a gift to you, but you must be ready to follow my three simple rules!

Rule #1: You must be ready for change, and to make your life better.

You must believe in this material and ready for some personal development. Please, trust me that your entire life can change if you read and apply the strategies and personal development tools that I have presented in my book.

Rule #2: Please be committed to taking action!

During the process of reading this book, you’ll finish with a plan – a real, viable plan- not just information. Knowledge is nothing without ACTION!

Rule #3: Consider me a buddy, a friend, a mentor.

I can’t put everything I know into one book, as I am constantly learning and growing.

I suggest that you stay in touch through my website, emails, LinkedIn, Facebook  and Twitter.

I have strive to consistently put out new and invaluable content on a regular basis. There is always more to learn, and that is what I am here for!

I am here to help you grow, both as a person as well as financially and look forward to hearing all about your growth as a real estate entrepreneur!

To your success,


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