Myrna is a fellow Investor that I recently nominated for the Canadian Real Estate Magazine’s Investor of the year. She is a true inspiration to me, and I knew her story would inspire others as well. Just this weekend she won that nomination – both for Inspirational Investor and Top Investor of the year. The judges advised us she was voted in unanimously. Watch for the stories in the August issue of the Canadian Real Estate Magazine. Her story is below.

Success Story – Myrna Dureau is my nomination for “This Year’s Top Investor in Real Estate.”

She is from Wolseley, SK.

She could qualify for Investor of the Year or Newcomer of the Year – or a personal favorite “Inspirational Investor of The Year!”

  • Earns over $2500/mth in positive cash flow
  • Cash on Cash Return – 17% from cash flow alone
  • $50,560 in equity / appreciation
  • All Properties Professionally Managed

Her first purchase was the Rent-To-Own on Montague St October 2010.

The inspiration – even though she was scared to take the first step, she sought out Advisors and Team members to help her reach her goals. She had been investing in Mutual Funds for 15 years and for the last ten years was not happy with her returns. She knew she needed to do something different if she were to retire in comfort.

On top of all this she is a widow and is 70 years old. She truly inspires me, and I think she’ll inspire your readers as well.

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