When deciding on buying a home, the pressure can be overwhelming. Before getting started, it is important to set realistic expectations, determine your wants versus your needs and decide which areas you are willing to make compromises on.

In a market with endless choices and opportunity, this can be a challenge for a lot of people. That is why we have created this free worksheet to help guide you.

The worksheet covers the four most important factors one needs to consider when deciding on property. They are as follows:


  1. The Basics:

The basics include the foundation of your purchase. How soon do you need to move?

How much can you spend? How much can you afford for property taxes or applicable condo fees? Are you willing to renovate? Do you have any physical needs that need to factor into your choice?


  1. The Lot:

Do you want a big or small lot? What size of garage would you prefer? Do you care if you need to landscape the yard yourself or would you prefer a mature yard?


  1. The Interior:

What style of property do you see yourself living in? If you have a preference for a bi-level, you may not want to bother extending your search to include two-stories. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you see yourself living in a brand new home with more modern features or do you prefer the look and feel of a charming character home?


  1. Neighborhood:

For some, the neighborhood is the most important decision. You may need to consider what your needs are with regard to nearby amenities. Are you happy with the schools? Do you need a dog park? Do you require access to public transportation or the freeway?

In the end there is no one right property for everyone. Choosing a home is a personal decision that should be made with your lifestyle needs and goals in mind. Take the time to sit down and fill out our worksheet. We are confident it will help you find the perfect home you are looking for.


Click below for the Homebuyer’s Wishlist Worksheet

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