Set Your Intentions & Live Your Life On Purpose.

Have you consistently found yourself making resolutions year after year in hopes that you will stick to a new plan to improve a certain facet of your life?

I have a secret for you…The resolutions are not the problem – the lack of planning and setting clear intentions with attainable goals is the problem – But not to worry, I wouldn’t point out a problem without offering some attainable solutions!

Here are the most common resolutions that people often make:

Stay fit and healthy

Lose weight

Enjoy life to the fullest

Spend less, save more

Spend more time with family and friends

IT’S ABOUT TIME (and strategy)…

The underlying theme in all of these resolutions above is that people feel like they don’t have the time to achieve these things in the life that they currently live. They want to improve things but generally have not set clear intentions or goals on how to actually make that happen.

It’s easy to say I would like to ‘find more time to time to live life to the fullest’ and to ‘spend more time with family’ But without an actual strategy, these plans are never easily achieved.

Having a goal without a plan is just a wish.

TIME IS MONEY (It’s true!)

Whether we want to believe it or not, time is money. We are all given the same amount of hours in a day to live our lives. How do some people manage to do so much more? The reason is because those who seem to get more time and freedom created a plan for a life that would allow them to make more money with less time time invested.

That’s the simple bottom line – That’s the solution: Decrease the time you spend to make the money you need to support the life you want. Let’s repeat that….Decrease the time you spend to make the money you need to support the life you want. Remember this, because we will go over it again. It is the primary key to freedom.

So now that we know that is the solution, I want to tell you the plan to implement the this in your life – But first, let’s look athow I did it mine…


I am a wife, mother, business owner and coach. I have family needs, a home to maintain, kids in sports and activities, I go to the gym, I eat healthy, I travel and I socialize with friends and family.

How do I find the time? Because I have created a real estate business plan that allows for passive income. I earn money in my sleep. I don’t trade my time for dollars.

When I was working my job in finance ( Monday to Friday, 9-5) I was trading my time for dollars – I was only earning money while I was physically working. I wasn’t able to go to the gym during the day, or take a 3 week vacation whenever I wanted to, wasn’t able to drive my kids to school and so many other little things that I felt I was missing out on.

I made great money – but I was limited on time. I found that money was no longer my only motivator. It meant nothing if I didn’t have the freedom to live the life that I wanted.

I was able to pay the bills for house that I was rarely able to relax and enjoy, I was able to afford to put my kids in activities that I wasn’t often there to see, I didn’t have the time to take care of myself or my social relationships. I was always in a rush and felt like I was going in circles. I needed to replace my income and create more time.


Real Estate Investing. This is where it all changed for me. I invested in coaching and learned exactly how to invest in properties without using my own money. I know that sounds crazy and unrealistic to those that don’t know about joint ventures – but it’s 100% true. I learned to put deals together, find the properties and pull in the investors – It was a complete win/win for everyone!

Because I invested in the education, I am earning passive income – with no cash out of my pocket AND money partners come to me looking for real estate deals they can invest in.

I started with ONE property, 9 years ago. I now hold over 40 million worth of property investments. This is my new reality. I earn money day after day, in my sleep on these properties. I took the education, I got a mentor, I made a plan and it happened.

It’s not because I am luckier, wealthier or smarter than anyone. This is not a matter of happenstance – this is a matter of me clearly planning what I wanted and taking the steps to get there.

I now take my greatest professional pleasure from helping others create and implement the plans they need to live their lives on purpose.

If you want to learn to stop trading your time for dollars, I want to work with you.

I am offering a life-changing offer to anyone serious about entering into the world of real estate investing:

I am offering 75% off of my 90 Day to 5K course

This is a 12 week course that will walk you through the exact steps of creating 5k per month in passive income through real estate. This course gives you much more than the blueprint for real estate investing. It is packed full of information about how to attract investors, how to brand yourself, how to analyze deals and how to do deals without your own money.

Each weekly module can be done at your own pace or as part of the weekly group webinar. You will be supplied with your own homework book and assignments to complete.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with others in the course who are in the same position as you – you will be able to choose an accountability partner and check in on each other and your progress. At the end of this course, you will have the information and tools to needed to start living your life on purpose! As a matter of fact, I have had 3 students put together amazing real estate deals before they had even completed the course!

The price for this course has always been $5,000 – which is actually quite the bargain, seeing as I paid over $25,000 for my first course. But this year, I wanted to open up the doors to much more people and give back to others. I am offering this course at $1275 (insanely cheap for the amount of education and tools provided)

BUT that’s not all!
When you buy your course for $1275, you are getting a boat-load of bonuses and freebies.

Here they are:
FREE – BRAND NEW 12 week Mindset Course
FREE – Lifetime access to all 90 day courses and updates
FREE – Lifetime access to 90 Day to 5k MasterMind Facebook group
FREE – 3 hour Strategy Webinar for planning goal setting to kick your new year off right!
FREE – Tickets to my 3-day REI event in Regina on March 27-29. If you aren’t able to attend, you will be given a recording of the full event.
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FREE – Personal Coaching call with me
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Any other time, this complete package would be valued at close to $15,000.


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