With all the doom and gloom in the headlines lately you may be wondering if now is a good time to be buying Canadian Real Estate as an investment. Here’s the thing…if you are buying an investment property that produces positive cash flow for you, then timing the real estate market may be just plain silly.

The key is to buy the right property in the right area earning positive cash flow from Day One. Some people we know in the US have survived a 30% decline in prices because rents did not fall and they were able to continue renting out their properties.

So when reading negative real estate press, remember that at the same time those articles are being printed there are hundreds of Canadians who are successfully building their wealth every single day.

There are times when Real Estate is stressful: there are problems to deal with, cheques to track down, numerous people to deal with, expectations to set and sometimes you want to cash in your chips and bail out. It is not easy, but it is profitable.

There are also alternatives. You don’t have to invest all by yourself. We are currently looking for Joint Venture Partners who can qualify for a mortgage and supply the down payment. We are finding properties that are cash flowing anywhere from $400 to $1200 per month now. Vacancy rates in Regina are less than 1%. Cash on Cash return is 10% per year. Mortgage pay down is another 4% per year, and if the market can grow by 3% per year – your equity appreciation will be about 7% per year. And your Joint Venture Partner (me) looks after everything – truly an armchair investment.

Call me today and let’s start working together.

Helping You…Build Your Wealth!

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