The real estate market has changed over the last few years, and I am seeing more and more opportunities for Vendor take backs/Seller financing.

This means that the seller could possibly hold the mortgage on a building for you if you can raise the down payment.

There are many ways that you can structure a real estate deal with none of your own money, you just need to find the right deals, learn how to evaluate and structure a deal and present a deal properly.


I have a FREE 3 part training series beginning on Friday September 9th, if you would like to learn exactly how you can:

  • start your own real estate investing business with little of your own money
  • grow your real estate portfolio and start living the passive income lifestyle you dream of
  • how to “find the money” and keep investors coming back to work with you
  • how to STOP trading your time for $
  • how to avoid all risk in real estate investing

Then you should head here!


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