Treat Your Tenants Right, and they will stick around

A shift in the real estate rental marketplace has been predicted in 2016.

So, it is now more important than ever to keep your tenants happy!

Successful real estate investors, as well as any business owner stay competitive at all times. How can you set yourself apart from the next person who has an apartment or a home for rent?


How can you keep your tenants happy so that you don’t need to deal with turnover in your rental units?

Even more importantly, if we keep our tenants happy will they respect our properties more so that there isn’t damage to repair every few months?

I have decided to start sending out holiday gift baskets to all of my tenants, as well as leaving one for all new tenants on their move in day. If you think about it, in any other business you would reward your clients for doing business with you. You would reward your clients for referrals, and make sure that they know you appreciate them.

Say thank you to your clients/tenants/renters with these baskets!

We will even ship them out for you.

To your success,



Thank You/Move In baskets come in 2 sizes, all containing different things that your tenant will love to have on their first day in your rental unit!


Small $32.00 plus shipping

Medium $42.00 plus shipping

Large $52.00 plus shipping


Holiday Gift Baskets come in 3 sizes ranging from $15-$50 in price. Each contains things like chocolates, ornaments, candles and gift cards depending on how much you want to spend.


Small $15.00 plus shipping

Medium $25.00 plus shipping 

Large $50.00 plus shipping


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