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4 Hidden Costs of Netflix and How You Can Avoid Them

It’s a deal that’s too terrific to resist: for less than $10 a month we tap into endless movies and TV series right from our couches.

Netflix is a worldwide entertainment store visited by many and trusted by all.  Who would question a company that defeated the dreaded commercial breaks of cable, after all? Yet the true bill for this service that we’ve welcomed into our homes has yet to arrive.


Adults over 30 are spending more time than ever watching TV.  Since Netflix’s soar in popularity over recent years…

The average weekly time that some people watch TV has hit almost 40 hours.  What more could you do with that much time? <— CLICK to Tweet This

What’s the real price of watching that much Netflix and TV?  The costs are higher than you might realize.

1.Your Physical Health

Forget skydiving or picking up hitchhikers: your sofa is more likely to kill you!  

It’s well known that spending too much time sitting down is bad for the heart, even if you exercise regularly.  But the problems caused aren’t just weight gain and poor circulation.  

Studies show that sitting more than 4 hours a day increases your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer by 125%.


2.Your Mental Health

Endless hours of TV slow down our growth as human beings.  After all, nothing happens in your comfort zone.  

We grow when we learn and challenge ourselves, and unfortunately the kinds of series that inspire binge watching typically don’t enrich our craniums.   What the brain really needs to stay healthy is exercise like reading, learning to play new games or language, and new experiences.


3.Your Self Discipline

Access to unlimited TV can stunt our discipline for delaying gratification, which is critical for success.

When Netflix did the unthinkable – the releasing of entire seasons of series at once – they destroyed the way cable had conditioned us to be patient TV viewers.   Gone are the days that a series ends on Sunday and we have to wait another week for more.  With Netflix we can have it all in one sitting, which encourages more sitting, and may reduce our long-term discipline to wait for better opportunities.  

Having everything instantly isn’t always the most advantageous path, especially if you’re debating between spending or saving for something important that can serve your future.  


4.Good Fortune.

It’s a universally accepted truth that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.   luck is  not is a mystical, random event that touches some people and not others.  It’s actually about working hard and being ready for the day when your chance arrives.

So if you’re hard at work soaking up TV shows, instead of investing that time in your skills and becoming a Ninja master at what you do best, you jeopardize your own luck.   When opportunity knocks at the door, you might not be ready.  

Yet what if your competitor, who resisted the siren call of the boob tube more often than you, is ready?   He or she might snatch up your dream project, instead.  Some will call it luck; others will call it what it is: fortune favours the hard working.


How To Fight Back

Here are a few tips for managing your down time so that when the feel the itch of the Flix you can stay on track:

1.Work your brain with Netflix’s impressive language selection.   If you’re going to watch, try it in a foreign language.  Choose one language at first and alternate between audio and subtitle options.  Bonus points if you take notes so you can review them later and retain even more!

2.Schedule your TV time just like you would schedule work time.  It’s easy to slip into a binge if you lose track of time.  Combat this by deciding ahead of time how many minutes you’ll be devoting to the sofa that day.  You can set your alarm or even have someone call you at a certain time to hold you accountable.

3.Automate healthy activities.  TV is such a good time robber because it’s simple to engage. One click and you’re ready for take-off on the Binge Rocketship.  Why not structure your home in such a way that it makes healthier choices easy to make?  For example, stick the remote on the treadmill to remind yourself to walk and Netflix at the same time.  Or, if your goal is to read more about your business or hobbies, stack interesting books in your living room.   

We’ve given you some great reasons to cut back on TV, and ultimately, what reason could be better than living longer?  

Next time you think about grabbing that remote, consider the long-term effects and make the decision that is best for your health and long-term goals.


Use Your Time More Effectively! Challenge yourself.


If you’re one of the people that finds you might be spending good chunk of your free time in front of  TV, consider whether or not you can use a couple of those hours per week more effectively.

Even if you could just commit to spending an additional 3-5 hours per week on professional development, it will make a world of difference!

If you would like to create a lifestyle that would allow for passive income, to travel and experience parts of the world that you have only seen on tv, then try something new!



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