What is the ONE thing that we all want?  Money, right?

But ask yourself why? What will the money afford you? What will it give you that you are lacking right now?

When we daydream about winning the lottery, we envision all of the things we will buy and how great it will feel to bid a fond farewell to our bosses and leave our 9-5 rat-race routines.

The want is the money – but the yearning is actually the freedom it brings. Personal and Financial Freedom is really what most of us truly crave. We crave this because it affords us time – The time to do what we want. 


The goal is freedom, the tool is money and the vehicle to get us there is real estate investing.


We want the freedom to make our own schedules, to get on a plane and take a vacation at any time, the freedom to spend as much time with our kids as we want, the freedom to spend a day in pajamas if that’s what we feel like doing, the freedom to go walk in the park on a Monday morning instead of sitting in a traffic jam commute.

The average person feels like this ideal wonderland of freedom is too far out of reach. It may feel like that life only belongs to the lucky few – that we can’t have that personal and financial freedom unless we were born with a silver spoon. Most of us have families to support, bills to pay and jobs that we have to go to everyday to keep heads above water and a roof over-head – but that doesn’t have to be true for you. The lucky few are the ones with the mindset and desire to strive for more.

Many people truly believe that the only way to attain that level of  freedom is by seeing those lucky winning numbers on the lotto ticket.

But I have some news for you. Yes you.

You can have the life of personal and financial freedom – BUT you have to understand that it will take some effort on your part in order to reap the rewards.

There is a reason I invest in real estate – it’s because I wanted that freedom too — and guess what? Less than 9 years after starting, I now own over 47 million in property. I was raised on a farm and was a teenage single mom – so you can’t tell me that it’s not possible.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. president


My lotto ticket was my education. I invested in learning and I won.


How many years will you continue to hope and pray that you hit it big? How many years will you say “I can’t do that” or “I don’t know where to start”?


I am giving you your chance for your big win. If you want a lifestyle of personal and financial freedom – this is opportunity knocking, loudly.


Today is the launch of my 90 Day to 5K program. 12-weeks of real estate investment education that will show you the exact steps I took to get where I am . You will learn how you can invest in real estate without your own money – yes, truly – you can do that. I know firsthand how to build a massive portfolio by using only my skills and not my money. You will learn from home, on your own time, at your own pace, surrounded by others who are just regular people that are committed to building an extraordinary life.


You get one shot at this life — Are you doing and learning everything you can to make it what you want it to be?
“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.” — Theodore Roosevelt


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