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Master Your Money Mindset

Change the way you think about money to change your business – and your life – forever.

One day Master Your Money Mindset workshop on March 24th

9AM to 5PM, 9AM to 5PM, includes lunch at 12:30pm – 1:30pm.
Please advise of any food allergies or sensitivity via email  to us.

Learn the mindset strategies top real estate investors use
to move from being overworked and underpaid
to success and financial freedom.

Act on your new beliefs to overcome self-sabotage.

Hello fellow real estate investor,

Is being an entrepreneur not all you dreamed it would be?

Are thoughts that you don’t have what it takes creeping in? That joint venture partners won’t find you credible? That you won’t find the deals you need to make it work? That the money won’t start to come in?

We’ve all had these moments of self-doubt, and for the most part we push through them. After all, we’re entrepreneurs.

But even though you pick yourself up each and every day and continue to carry on, you can sense there’s something getting in the way of your success.

They are called money blocks. They work their way into our psyche and cling there for years, wreaking havoc on our lives and happiness.

The messages you got from parents, the relationships you’ve had with romantic partners, even comments by teachers can become money blocks.

For women, money can be attached to some beliefs that hold you back. Beliefs such as not being qualified to charge more.

Your attitude about money directly impacts your balance sheet.

There’s a simple solution, and it starts with shifting your mindset.

Changing your beliefs about money can help you to:

  • Gain confidence so you start to make what you’re really worth
  • Set—and achieve—big goals that you see so many other investors making.
  • Let go of the scarcity mindset so your decisions and actions are based in confidence rather than fear.

Change your beliefs with the four steps you learn in the Master Your Money Mindset:

  1. Change your money story
  • For most of us, the story we tell ourselves about money is the root of all our issues.
  1. Let go of money stress
  • Money stress is common in life and in business. Put systems in place to end money stress once and for all.
  1. Bust through your money blocks
  • We all have them. Sometimes our negative self-talk or putting systems in place to reduce the stress can’t completely clear them. These are further steps to take to be rid of the blocks preventing you from reaching your dreams.
  1. Love your money
  • Learning to love money is really the ultimate goal. Feel what it can do for you, your family and others. This feeling will help you from reverting back to negative feelings about money.

You aren’t promised you’ll make a million dollars, but you are promised a less stressful relationship with money. Find the confidence to make more and stop sabotaging your own success.

*This program is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, a refund will be issued.

I think mindset is 90-95% of a person’s success.

I am looking for a few good people to prove that with over the next 6 months.

Most people work only on building their real estate business and few work on the mindset needed to have a successful real estate business.

It takes a certain grit, determination, belief, language and network to help you get to the top. No-one does it without Mastering their Money Mindset!

If you’ve struggled in the past with hitting your goals consistently, you are not seeing the money in your life that you want…It is probably a mindset issue.  Education in your chosen field is a must but it has to be offset with mindset work.

Believe me I know.  If you are tired of struggling and you want to make this your best year ever….you need to come to this workshop!

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