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The Mastermind program
connects you with like-minded people
achieving their dreams by investing in real estate.

Be mentored by Edna Keep, one of Canada’s top real estate investors.

Hi! I’m Edna Keep. 

Making money is a love of mine. To make it, I focus primarily on real estate investments focussing on multi-family residences and joint venture partnerships.

Since 2001, I have built my own real estate portfolio to over 520 doors with a value of $60 million. All except the first two properties were bought with the help of other people’s money (joint venture partners).

Now, I am a real estate investment coach. I teach others investing in real estate how to do it so they receive passive income, allowing them to live the life they want and retire when they want.

Mastermind is for serious real estate investors looking to grow beyond what is taught in the 90 Days to 5K program.

Mastermind will not be a good fit for you if:

  • You are not ready to let go of your excuses.
  • You are not coachable, trainable and don`t listen well.
  • You truly have not made a commitment to becoming a top real estate investor.
  • You let your fear of playing big overwhelm you.
  • You view people that make six and seven figure incomes as greedy, self-sabotaging your own success.

Mastermind is the program for those who want me to treat their real estate investment business as if it were my own.

I take extra care in formulating an action plan for success for my Mastermind students.

The number of people accepted into Mastermind is limited, so that they receive the highest level of attention.

Only those deemed qualified are invited to join this guided mentorship program.

The Mastermind program consists of:


  • In-depth webinars (9)
    • Complete homework assignments that train you to design your daily method of operation for ideal time management.
  • One-on-one calls with Edna (approximately two per month for a total of 24)
  • Email support (24 hour a day, seven day a week)
    • Edna will respond to your questions or provide feedback as needed.
  • Question-and-answer sessions (3)
    • Have your major challenges directly addressed and find clarity, focus and vision to overcome them.
  • Mastermind weekends (quarterly) and 6 one day Masterminds troughout the year as well
    • Two-day live event to experience great food, lots of education and the opportunity to network in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • VIP Access to Profit in the Prairies 2018 event
    • Three-day event featuring top speakers in business, marketing, networking and real estate investing brought together in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Access to Edna’s mailing list of Investors for the right investment opportunities.
  • Professional photo shoot
    • Attract investors by building a credible brand.
  • VIP access to and discounts for:
  • All of Edna Keep’s product launches for the next year
  • Exclusive hosted workshops
  • Lifetime access to:
    • private Facebook group for Mastermind students
    • webinars
    • 90 Days to 5K program modules
  • Assistance with a sales presentation based on your personal story

What Edna’s Mastermind students say

Sharmane Watt
founding member of the Profit in the Prairies Real Estate Investors Group

Being a Mastermind student is helping me achieve financial freedom through education. 

At first, I was concerned about the cost of the training. However, with just one deal, I have made more than enough to pay for it. I am now part-owner of a 36-unit apartment block with joint venture partners. (I could not have made this happen without Edna’s assistance.) My share is over $100,000 in equity. Plus, there is future income to be had – from the rent being paid by tenants, the sale of the property (when the time comes) and the expenses that benefit me on my income tax.

Being a Mastermind student is like having access to my own library of knowledge.

Any answer I need is a phone call, email or Facebook post away. The other students are of the same mindset, so their energy and attitudes are contagious. The brainstorming we do can solve almost any problem. The group’s attention to honesty and integrity in business keeps us all focussed.


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