I am about to give you some FREE and unsolicited mindset coaching. I know enough to know that you are on the cusp of taking action, but something is holding you back.

Part of my job as a Trainer and Coach is to help people climb that summit of obstacles and fears.

If you watched my FREE masterclass, it’s because you know that deep down you’re looking to change something in your life.

If you didn’t follow through on my discounted, life-changing offer for 90day to5k course , I’m guessing it’s because that you might be hesitating to get off your BUT’s. I want to know what your But’s are so that I can help you to overcome them and reach the summit

What best describes your mindset after taking part in the masterclass?:

  • I watched the masterclass, BUT I am just not ready to become a real estate investor right now
  • I love what you’re offering, BUT I just don’t have the time to dedicate to this right now
  • I truly want to create a passive income and a wealthy lifestyle, BUT I don’t have the money for the course
  • I think the information was really valuable, BUT I don’t know if I am am cut-out for this
  • I thought your masterclass was great, BUT I am waiting until the new year to register

Let’s talk about these 5 possible BUT’s that you might be struggling with:

1. Not ready?

Hey, I know all about doing something before I was ready! I was a single mom at 16 years old – There was no way I was really ready. But I did it and never looked back! Are you going to put your dream life on hold until conditions are perfect?


SPOILER ALERT: Life will never be perfect and the time will never be exactly right. So, grab a mitt and get in the game because life will pass you by whether you participate or not.

2. No time?

We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s all about priorities and goals. An unproductive person and business mogul both have 24 hours in a day – what’s the difference in how they spend it? A mogul likely sought out coaches, advisers, and a team to help them. A mogul likely invested in themselves, practiced dedication and self discipline. Build your team in order to build your future – You don’t have to struggle to do this on your own.


Time will pass and we are given only one life to live, so remember this… whether you use it wisely and to the best of your ability or not is completely up to you!

3. No Money?

If you’re even considering real estate investing then you must already be a creative and resourceful person! Where could you gather $1295 from before the end of December to cash in on this 75% discount? Half of our jobs as real estate investors is looking for ways to find the money – I know you can do this!


Only $1295 investment to build your career and future? People spend more than that on a TV or laptop or one-week vacation! This is your future we’re talking about. It’s time to invest in yourself.

4. Not Cut-out for it?

Maybe you’re right, but i have a feeling you aren’t- I simply know that can’t be true! If you stumbled across my website and masterclass it’s because you are already a forward thinker who’s seeking a wealthy lifestyle and freedom from the rat-race. All you likely need is a little more clarity and confidence. If you aren’t feeling confident about making the transition into real estate investing, call me – let’s chat one on one. I will be your cheerleader and together we will make you a success story!


Don’t jump back on that wheel!

Get out of that Cubicle!

Stop letting others dictate your schedule!

  1. Wating? Why wait? The time is NOW. I have discounted this program almost 75% for the month of December ONLY. Even if you aren’t ready to start the course this month, that’s okay! Register to lock in your sale price and start when you are ready!

    Taking action now will change your future.

REGISTER FOR MY FREE MASTERCLASS NOW, and grow your real estate investing business the RIGHT way!

Let me help you get OFF your BUTS!

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