Even if you don’t reside in Saskatchewan, but are interested in investing in real estate as a long term investment- this is information that you need to know!

saskatchewan real estate investing

Our Economic Outlook:

Experts including Peter Hall, chief economist of Export Development Canada, believe our near future will see some positive changes for the world economy, including both Canada as a whole and Saskatchewan specifically.

“It’s about time to get back to normal.” (Hall, 2016). Saskatoon Star Phoenix (2016) reports an increase in buying from other countries including those in the European Union are expected to be seen in the US. European Union countries have been on the upswing since their two recessions since 2008. It is speculated that trading between the US and the EU will result in an increase in demand back to Canada. Record housing and commercial development are being seen in EU countries across the board.

Trade agreements are a hot topic, however it is likely that the drastic changes proposed by a Trump presidency will be short lived, if they occur at all. Americans are budget conscious and seeing a sudden and drastic increase of at least 15% on the cost of their goods would not be taken lightly. “In general, world trade is going to proceed as it has.” (Hall, 2016). (Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 2016).

With developing countries, including both India and Indonesia growing by multi-millions per year and China following suit, the need for safe, reliable and clean food sources is growing rapidly. Canada, and in particular Saskatchewan, can deliver exactly what these countries need.

Real estate is a major factor toward the upswing of the Canadian economy and investing can prove to supply a significant ROI. Creating a passive income for yourself can turn your bucket list into your reality. In any economy, real estate is the one investment you can count on and will only improve from here.

As Saskatchewan continues to climb the economic ladder it is the perfect time to take your first step toward financial freedom through investing in real estate, or growing your real estate portfolio even more by working with a team of motivated investors!

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 My TOP 5  reasons to Invest in Saskatchewan Real Estate


  1. Saskatchewan is a thriving province.

For years Saskatchewan was the underdog and was overlooked by most. We spent years with minimal population growth and with a tourism industry that was passed by. Well, times have changed! Boutiques, restaurants, co-op developments, culture, big business, arts….it’s all here! We are now fully open for business in each industry.



  1. Saskatchewan is vast with resources.

We have everything from oil and gas to mining, farming, potash and more. With our wide range of resources Saskatchewan is capable of offering anyone and everyone a variety of employment opportunities tailored to their experience and passions.


  1. Tax Incentives! 

Saskatchewan offers some of Canada’s best tax incentives for business and research & development.  If you want to know all about Saskatchewan’s Tax Incentives, take a look here: SASK TAX INCENTIVES


  1. Saskatchewan offers business benefits.  

Businesses, large and small, thrive in Saskatchewan. With the wide variety of business resources and benefits available including grants, loans and more any current or new business owner can reap the benefits. With the large amount of resources available, business owners have the upper hand in Saskatchewan.



  1. Saskatchewan is affordable.

Even with the increase in population and new business development throughout the province, Saskatchewan remains an affordable place for new families just starting out, those looking to retire, and everyone in between. It has become nearly impossible to make cash flow and profit on apartments and multi unit investments in larger centres because the cost to purchase in Vancouver and Toronto has gone so high! Here in Saskatchewan you can still buy amazing income properties at reasonable rates! Just ask some of my students from my 90 Day to 5K Program who got another 48 units under contract this month!

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We are seeing a variety of investors shelling out millions into Saskatchewan real estate investments and are reaping the rewards. If you’re interested in building your portfolio, or looking to increase your wealth – let’s chat!

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