So, you’ve decided to become a real estate investor,Yay! Welcome to the club of motivated people doing what they love, on their own terms.

Your objective:
To find and align suitable investors with profitable properties and then work to make the deals happen.You are the problem solver – that’s how you get paid! You find the deals and make them happen.

The Obstacles:
What happens when there are roadblocks, or you need more money to make a deal happen, or there is a complication getting the deal to actually go through? AND Trust me, there will be roadblocks. How do you overcome any obstacle? How do you see outside the box? Say you have a deal hanging by a thread and know that you might lose the property or the investor if you can’t find a way to make a deal work? Let’s say you need to start earning money now and don’t have the experience to see past the roadblocks?…What do you do then?

You pull from experience, of course!

The Solution:

But what if you don’t have experience? That’s where Shelley Hagen and I come in! We are seasoned real estate investors in our own respective businesses, we have personally invested over a quarter million dollars in real estate education and are willing to share our creative strategies with you at a fraction of the price – Not only are we willing, but we’re absolutely excited! We love to see other people hop over hurdles and pave their way to success too! We specialize in creative strategies and have made millions of dollars worth of investments happen because of our experience and creative financing solutions. Now it’s your turn.

You don’t need to learn the hard way or lose a deal trying to figure it all out. We will give you step by step strategies to create the deals to keep your cash flowing. We will give you insight into exactly how to find more money, find multiple creative ways to structure mutually beneficial deals, and find great investors.

We take the leg work out for you and hand you all of our solutions in a jam-packed, one-day course. Save yourself time and money and invest in buying a glimpse of the experience and insights we have had that will propel you towards a profitable real estate investment business. Learn what works, what doesn’t and why.


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