Create Assets Stay Happy (CASH) , business concept acronym

I have heard this question many times, and so I thought that I would do a quick video about how you can take an “average deal” and make it work for you.

Sometimes, you don’t need to find that super special deal that you are searching for, sometimes- I feel that actually  may be a sign of procrastination.


Have you ever come across a piece of real estate that you could invest in but may not be a giant pay out right away?

Well, here are my thoughts on that:



What do you think?

It would most likely be a quicker to pay out your private investors and then once your investor is paid out their % of payout on the deal would drop down which means more cash flow for you.

Who doesn’t want more cash flow?

Not to mention the mortgage pay down that you will have.

Get out there and land your self a deal, and then it will become a great one:)

Until next time, thanks for checking me out here!


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