My question to you is do you ever struggle what to say to people you would like to introduce your business to? I’m going to talk to you today about what do you say when you meet people that you would love to have to do business with, to have in your business, something like that.

First of all, what I would tell you to do is take the focus off yourself. You don’t want to be looking at this person as a meal ticket, as a sale, or somebody that you want to get in your business. First of all, you don’t even know if you want them in your business. So what I would say it take all that pressure off yourself and just get to know somebody. Treat them like you would maybe a neighbor you are just learning to get to know and you would like to be friends with. Find out about them. Ask about their family, ask about their work.

Sometimes in that regular, ordinary conversation that you have with people something comes up that you can provide a solution to. And I’m going to give you an example of one of the coaching students I work with. One of the things she says all of the time is, “I just don’t know what to say, and I never know what to say, and I’m always worried about what to say.” And yet, when I met her she didn’t have that in her mind. She was just thinking, ”I want to get to know Edna and let’s be friends.” And you know, it took a while before we actually did business together and that was fine. So I started pointing out those things to her. When she met me she wasn’t thinking about a potential client or potential business partner. She was just getting to know people.

We were at a social event and we ended up being good friends. She ended up staging my house. She ended up staging some of my rentals. I started giving her some registered retirement savings plan advice. We ended up setting up a network marketing company and so on, and so on, and so on.

Well that’s how things work. You build rapport with people. Maybe you can offer them a solution to one or more of their challenges and pretty soon you’re friends and if the respect value is in there as well as the friendship, you don’t know where that business can take you.

So, when you are out introducing yourself to people, remember just treat them like you would treat a friend. Somewhere, sometimes you get to talk about your business, but not always and you know what, that’s okay too because the next time you run into them they are still open to talking to you and who knows, they might come up with a problem you have a solution for an and they could end up being a new business and becoming one of your clients or one of your investors. So, keep that in mind.

Take the focus off yourself and if that tip helped you at all today and you’d like more business tips, check me out on my website: or shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’d love to share with you.

Bye for now!

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