-I Will Figure It OUT!-

I was inspired to do this video after hearing from my mentor and coach Ray Higdon.

Would you like to have an unstoppable entrepreneur mindset?

This one phrase may help you out greatly.

Feel free to share this if you are proud to be an entrepreneur and want to help other aspiring business starters and idea people out.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

To me the word entrepreneur is sacred. It is the man or woman who decides to break away from the norm of society and pursues personal and financial freedom armed with an idea or two that typically involves some or even a lot of risk.

These are the people that don’t believe that life is meant to be ENDURED but it is meant to be ENJOYED and that you CAN create a life that is amazing and a life where YOU feel personal fulfillment.

I’ve had good jobs and bad jobs just none of them could have ever given me 1% of the joy that I have now in my life by running my own business…of course it wasn’t always that way..

Along this journey I have been dead broke,  felt like a loser, been ridiculed by people I looked up to and was told to learn to live within my means.

Simple learning how to develop the entrepreneur mindset will NOT be enough to make the journey easy, it probably won’t be. You will probably be challenged to the point of wanting to quit and then things will get a little better just to have the same thought cross your mind the next month =)

The Number One Phrase for Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of phrases that I could give my opinion on. Some great ones are:

“I will persist until I succeed” – Og Mandino

“I’ll keep growing until” – Jim Rohn

But the one I chose for today is simply “I’ll figure this out”.

Non-entrepreneurs want everyone else to figure things out for them. They want someone to tell them exactly what to do each day and if they don’t they literally wont progress. Non-entrepreneurs are constantly saying how they don’t know how to do this or that and they actually use those as reasons NOT to take action. Now knowing something is NEVER a reason for inaction… FIGURE IT OUT.

Figure it out can mean a lot of things. When I didn’t know how to get an online presence, I didn’t say “Aw man, golly gee sure wish I knew how to get online” and go pout in the corner, no, I joined a high end mastermind, hired some coaches and that was that version of “I’ll figure it out”.

When I had no idea how to do videos or properly blog I just started with what I knew which led some people to tell me “what are you doing that for? but that was OK because I knew I would eventually figure it out.

“It is what you do when you don’t know what to do that determines how much of the entrepreneur mindset you have.”

IF you take not knowing what to do as a sign to get sad, not take action and moan and complain to others on how you wish life were different, you currently do not possess the entrepreneur mindset..but there is hope. Embrace the phrase from today, say it out loud, say it proud “I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!”

If you think more could use this simple advice feel free to share and comment below.

Here’s to your success, and to figuring it out 🙂


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