Hello, my name is Edna Keep and I am speaking to you today from my home office in White City, Saskatchewan, just outside of Regina, in case everyone wonders why I flip flops between Regina and White City. Anyway, today I want to ask you if you would like to attract more clients to your business.

Did you know that video converts customer 1,800 percent more than text. I didn’t know that particular statistic until today, but anyway I want to talk to you about video – the power of video and why you should consider adding it to your marketing fund.

It’s a way for people to feel like they know you. A lot more than if they’re just reading from you. An example I am going to give you is one time my husband and I were in a restaurant and an actor walked in from a show we watch all of the time and I just knew that I knew him. I didn’t know how I knew him and I went to wave at him and he didn’t really recognize us and we thought that was strange. They sat down and started dinner and I was thinking “Gees, I know that guy. How do I know that guy and why isn’t he talking to me?” Like he should know me too. Then I realized it was an actor from a show and realized that I felt like I knew him because I had seen him on TV several times but he didn’t have a clue who I was. So just to give you an idea that it’s probably the reason why celebrities get mobbed all of the time because people actually think they know them.

So when you are thinking about doing video, you want to start the video with a brief introduction – who you are and where you are from. Then move into the purpose of your video.

So like I explained to you today, the purpose of my video was to show you how to attract more clients to your business. And then you want to identify the problem and actually just identify the problem at the same time – you want to attract more clients to your business and are you wondering how? Then that’s your problem. Then I give you the solution and the solution is – Do more video.

You can send it out in a blog to your clients, they are going to get to know you better and better and then at the very end you want to do a very strong call to action. And whatever your action might be, it might be, “Pop into our store and look at our specials.” And talk about your specials. It might be, “Now is a great time to come into our salon and get ready for your Christmas party.” And it might be, “Check out my website at multiplewaystowealth.com and if you like my business tips then you can sign up to hear more.” So as you have seen I have passed some strong calls to action to you and then told you my idea.

So if you got value from this video, please comment and share and I will talk to you in the next one.

Bye for now.

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