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Earlier this week, I ended my post with me choosing to get married and have more children.

Let’s pick up where I left off…

March 3rd 2002 – my life changed – never to be the same.

I was consumed with work.  I loved it.  I loved the challenge and the high of making a sale.  I loved the appreciation I received from happy clients.  My plan was that I would take 6 weeks off work MAXIMUM and get right back at it.  I had just had my best year ever financially.  I was not letting that go for nothing!

I’ll remember that time forever I worked til 4PM.  Had a good night’s sleep and woke up in labour.

I fell in love and didn’t go back to work for almost a year – a day here, a day there.  I had a wonderful associate who could handle a lot of the day to day stuff and my client’s got it – better than I could’ve hoped – they understood and most stayed.

AND MY RESIDUAL INCOME kept coming in.

Then I went back to work a few days a week until baby # 2.  Then I decided I’d rather have my lifestyle than the money.  The residual made up almost half the 300K I’d made the year leading up to Desiree’s birth so we cut back a little.  My husband was making good money.  I was able to maintain the clients working on average two days per week.  Usually one day from home and one day at the office.  I relied heavily on my assistant and she was down to three days per week too.

THEN…the market started to drop early 2007– some client’s panicked – did not want to relive the crash of 2001 – the majority of my client base had been through that one and did not want to go through it again.  Some pulled out of the market to sit on the sidelines.  A couple clients were going to move into a more Real Estate focused portfolio, they explained to me.

My husband, Warren and I decided to take a class in investing in Real Estate – you know the 3 hour freebie where you get upsold to a weekend.  Then at the weekend you were upsold to more courses?  Yah that one… We had never looked at real estate as an investment before.  I remember telling clients “Why would you want to invest in something that historically average about 3% appreciation per year?”  Didn’t make sense to me.

I wanted to check it out though.  So even though we were warned the up sell was coming we went anyway.  It was fascinating – I got to understand the power of leverage and the fact that your tenants then pay down the mortgage and more.  So when it came time for the up sell we jumped at it, nervous as hell but went for it anyway.

In one year we traveled to a 3 day weekend courses held throughout Canada and the USA.  Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Orlando, Las Vegas.

A new passion was born…once I understood the power of real estate I just couldn’t sell mutual funds any more.

Mid 2009 my associate gave me her notice that she was moving and I knew I was out too.  We had seen some success in the Real Estate world of investing.  We had originally set our goal to own 50 doors in 5 years but in 18 months we hit that goal and were recognized on stage by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki as their top students (out of 3000) of the year and were inducted into the Tigrent Learning Hall of Fame for all the action we took on the strategies we’d learned.

Did you know 80% of people who take these courses never buy a property?

We learned about OPM and I couldn’t utilize myself while maintaining my mutual fund license.

AND WE GREW…we partnered with another couple – father/daughter team that we met at out very first three day weekend.  They had started buying apartment buildings and set up a property management company and came to us with an 18 unit under contract.  I contacted a few Investors I knew and we funded it.  A few months later they approached us with 144 units under contract.  I raised $1.2M for that one and knew I had value to add to the deal.  And I loved partnering with managing partners as that was not our strength.

Soon I had people asking how we were able to raise capital and would I teach them and so I started informally coaching a few friends and clients.  Helping them buy their own property or Joint Venturing with them if they didn’t want to own on their own.

Soon some of my clients were seeing success and one close friend – a fellow former Financial Advisor soon had over 200 doors in her portfolio.

During this time I became involved in a Network Marketing company that had a very unique and powerful product that I loved.  I had quick success, had 23 personal business builders and soon realized I need to know more to be the leader of the band so to say.

SO I HIRED ANOTHER COACH in 2012…and started to learn about online marketing.  One day my coach says to me “Do you realize you never talk about your network marketing business – all your questions are related to your real estate business?”  One of the reason’s  I really liked this coach is that he had a back ground in real estate too, so he could always relate his network marketing techniques to my real estate business.

I said the real estate investing and raising capital for it was easy for me.  I thought the challenge of network marketing was what I wanted.  After a few conversations back and forth and my coach sharing his growth and natural path into coaching and masterminds I had a huge mind shift.

I called a few people I knew that were interested in growing their real estate portfolio using OPM and set up a one day Master Mind at my house. Nine people showed up and at the end of the day 7 signed up for a year-long master mind and one-on-one coaching with me.

A new business was born…I had my new program offer the entire time but sabotaged it with trying to do something that was out of alignment with ME .  = IMPORTANT

It was right under my nose (Probably right under your nose too!)

I couldn’t see it because it seemed WAY TOO EASY.

Yes…it is easy for me but NOT for others.  REMEMBER THAT

I took those first few clients in and got immediate results for them.

I delivered as promised, GO FIGURE!

And I built the program as I went.

A couple clients dropped off early – I think – because they realized there REALLY was work involved.

The ones that stayed worked hard and had some pretty good success. One fellow added 113 doors to his portfolio in one year with none of his own money.  The friend who already had over 200 doors added another 60 to her portfolio.

AND I LOVED IT…the coaching, the masterminds – I had built my own tribe of like-minded people and at the very last class of the year emotions ran high.  Deals were getting done – strengths were being defined – people were finding their way…And EVERYONE OF THEM renewed!

We then offered a 3 day event where I brought in some of the coaches I had been working with over the last couple years.  It was a powerful learning experience again.

I offered the program to the attendees and signed up another 7 people after they got to hear the success’s of the other students.

Literally…It felt almost like a dream.

…..let me get this straight.

All I need to do is provide an offer that immediately fixes a PAIN that someone has and…

Deliver the results you sold.

…then YOU BLOW UP with referrals??

Here’s a GREAT example of that, 2 of my coaching students who started just last October have closed on their second deal of over 2 million dollars with NONE of their own money…..WATCH THIS TESTIMONIAL AND MEET CORNIE.

Celebrating their first apartment deal!

Okay, back to the story!

What!  Why isn’t everyone doing business like this?

My initial offer was a one year Master Mind with on-on-one coaching, monthly education and mindset webinars.

Here it is…www.the5yearplanmastermind.ca


OPM is KING – the fastest and easiest way to build a personal portfolio is to attract Investors to your deals – offer them a stake in the property – get their money back to them as quickly as possible and RINSE AND REPEAT!  You don’t need 100 Investors – we have built our portfolio with less than 25 Investors – the key is they keep coming back and bringing more money, reinvesting most everything they get back and bringing their friends, business associates and family.

This is the end of Part 2.

I will publish Part 3 and it will conclude with our entire offer structure and you can pull pieces of it together for your own business.

AND I will show you our plan to 5X in 2016!

In the meantime, I am hosting live Masterclasses this  June. If you want to learn more about the exact 5 step process that I am teaching to purchase real estate as an investment using OPM:

>>>>head here to register!

Please, comment below, share with others and make a change in your life today!

Much love,



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