Why Sk 1


Many of you are probably wondering why to invest in Saskatchewan. The answer is why not?

Here are my top 5 reasons why investing in Saskatchewan is the jackpot you’ve been looking for.



  1. Saskatchewan is a thriving province.

For years Saskatchewan was the underdog and was overlooked by most. We spent years with minimal population growth and with a tourism industry that was passed by. Well, times have changed! Boutiques, restaurants, co-op developments, culture, big business, arts….it’s all here! We are now fully open for business in each industry.



  1. Saskatchewan is vast with resources.

We have everything from oil and gas to mining, farming, potash and more. With our wide range of resources Saskatchewan is capable of offering anyone and everyone a variety of employment opportunities tailored to their experience and passions.


  1. Saskatchewan welcomes newcomers with open arms.

Over the years we have seen a large increase in immigration. Business incentives make Saskatchewan the ideal place for newcomers to Canada to come to settle down and welcome their families. We are a culturally diverse community of hard working people who want safe communities to raise families and run businesses.



  1. Saskatchewan offers business benefits.  

Businesses, large and small, thrive in Saskatchewan. With the wide variety of business resources and benefits available including grants, loans and more any current or new business owner can reap the benefits. With the large amount of resources available, business owners have the upper hand in Saskatchewan.



  1. Saskatchewan is affordable.

Even with the increase in population and new business development throughout the province, Saskatchewan remains an affordable place for new families just starting out, those looking to retire, those looking to start over and everyone in between.



We are seeing a variety of investors shelling out millions into Saskatchewan real estate investments and are reaping the rewards. We would love to see more locals benefiting from the potential the province holds. If you’re interested in building your savings, or looking to increase your wealth Saskatchewan is the place to do it!

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