Today I read a study posted on the Canadian Real Estate Wealth website that was a bit surprising….


  • 32% of first time investors admit to not being knowledgeable or prepared in the home buying process.
  • 26% of investors wish they had a better grasp on the whole buying process.
  • 21% wished they had looked at more properties.
  • 14% wished they had a better understanding of the contracts involved.
  • 43% said there were sections of the real estate contract when they bought or sold a home that they did not fully understand.
  • 36% mistakenly think that after a real estate contract is signed, a buyer or seller has a trial period during which they can cancel it, and an additional 33% said they do not know.
  • 55% incorrectly believe that if you place a conditional offer on a home and the deal doesn’t proceed, you automatically get your deposit back.

Do you fall under any of these stats?

I have decided to really focus the new year on coaching and coming up with different programs so that real estate investors can grow their portfolios quickly as well as learn all of these things that are so important!

For a limited time, I have a totally free webinar that will reveal to you my super simple 5 step strategy for building my real estate portfolio to a value of over 40 million using mainly other people money.

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