Everyone gets stuck from time to time in life and in business. The struggle comes in finding a way to escape whatever rut you find yourself in. In this video, Edna Keep shares 5 tips for avoiding becoming and remaining stuck, moving ahead for greater success in life and in business!

TIP #1: Moving Ahead Requires Decision Making

Whether a decision you make is good or bad, you can learn from any decision you make. Successful people make decisions, even those that may cost them money.

  • Get good at making decisions
  • Indecision is worse than making a bad decision
  • Indecision keeps you from getting anything done
  • Make a decision and run with it


TIP #2: Everything for a Reason

We hear it all of the time, “Everything happens for a reason,” and it’s worth learning.

  • Remember to be solution oriented
  • Focus on what you can learn, instead of “why did this happen to me?”

There’s always something to be learned and learning will keep you from becoming stuck.


TIP #3: Beliefs Are Stronger

Beliefs are stronger than senses. For instance, if you have an internal belief that you’re not good at speaking on video, you probably won’t get good at speaking on video – without changing that belief. Instead, change that belief to, “You know…everyday I get better! “


TIP #4: Think of it Like Playing a Sport

If you have young children, you can relate to this one. A four-year old can barely skate on the hockey rink. They can barely stand up. But 4 or 5 years later, that same child will be all over the ice, grabbing the puck and doing all kinds of things.

  • If you never believed your child could skate would you ever put them on the ice.
  • Whatever you believe you can do – you can do it – so get out there!


TIP #5: Read a Good Book

If you have built a part-time business, you can give people suggestions on what they can do to get started. Maybe not what they can do to become rich, but what they can do to get started. Everybody has value. Everybody is looking for different things. You can be the teacher that teaches them the next step for themselves. Teach people what you’ve learned.

Tony Robbins has written a really good book about creating wealth. He talks a lot about what is wrong with the state and what’s wrong with the way most people handle their money. He’s trying to teach people to take control and he’s spoken to many, many people who’ve made millions – and billions – of dollars for themselves and for investors. There are ideas in his book that could set you up for life.

  • Read a good book
  • Go out and share it with people you know, love, and care about
  • Create a video about what you’ve read and what you’ve learned most from that book


If any of these tips help you, please let me know! Let’s connect on Facebook or why not CONTACT ME TODAY for more information on the many ways to make money and grow your wealth with what you have right now. I’d love to show you how!

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