You should never attend Mastermind events, unless you are willing to grow and be forever changed! In this video, Edna Keep shares from beautiful Destin, Florida on the benefits of attending a Mastermind Event. If you’ve ever considered participating in a session with other like-minded entrepreneurs, but just weren’t convinced it could really help your business, watch Edna’s latest video before saying “No!” to your next Mastermind opportunity!

Masterminds and Mindsets

One of the best things you can do to grow your business is to get around other entrepreneurs also wanting to grow their businesses. When you’re around people of the same mindset as you – the results will be worth your investment, because:

  • they’re positive
  • they’re fun
  • they’re looking forward to what’s next in their life
  • they’re learning
  • they’re sharing what they have learned
  • they’re growing


Always take advantage of opportunities to participate in Mastermind groups with people of the same mindset, willing to share what they’ve experienced and learned.

Ray Higdon Mastermind Opportunity

Ray and Jessica Higdon are masters at sharing what they’ve learned over the years. An opportunity to hear from experienced entrepreneurs and fellow marketers is an opportunity to learn – and attending a Mastermind event is THE opportunity for learning – a lot!

Getting around people who are doing better than you will change you. It helps you to grow as a person and grow your business!

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