When someone asks you, “What do you do?” how do you respond? If, like me, you often get this question from those who want to understand what a Real Estate Investor is and what you do, consider it a great opportunity to inform and sell what you do! In this video, I’m sharing what it can mean to YOU (and your success) to be able to define, explain and sell yourself to grow your wealth.

You Are a Real Estate Investor

  • You understand and enjoy working with numbers
  • You receive financing from banks and other investors
  • You purchase real estate for great returns on that money and/or ownership
  • You help others to make money, while making money yourself
  • You educate people on the ROI possible through a variety of means, using what they already have


What We Do and Why

My husband and I were recently approached with an opportunity:

  • Purchase 2 lots for a certain price
  • Flip the properties out within 30 days
  • Realize a profit

As an investor who wants to have a decent return on their money and a short-term flip, as well as make money – we look at the whole deal! If you are the type of person who is okay with other people making money, while you are making money at the same time – this works really, really well.

We also raise funds for other people’s apartment buildings. We coach others and I’ve helped average ordinary people, just like you, raise up to 4 million dollars and buy 20 million dollars worth of properties in the last 3 years. I coach people – doing the same thing that we’ve done – to make money!


I Make Money While Helping Other People Make Money

I have no qualms saying that! I want to deal with people who believe, totally believe, in a world of abundance. There is enough to go around for everyone and everyone can be happy with one deal. I do not believe that somebody has to ‘get screwed’ to make a deal work and if that is something that interests you, talk to us!

We Joint Venture with people on houses and sometimes bring in second mortgages to help people get a good return on their registered plans, like an RSP or RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) – even tax free savings accounts. When it is backed by a second mortgage, an official second mortgage done up by a lawyer, you can see how the numbers can work for you.

  • We’ve worked with people looking to buy mobile home parks.
  • We’ve worked with people who want to buy a business.
  • We’ve found the money, whenever the numbers work.

Are you ready to start doing what we’re doing? There’s a wealth of opportunity out there and multiple ways to make money as a Real Estate Investor!

Please connect with me via email: [email protected] – or schedule a call, because I would love to tell you even more about what we do – and what YOU can do to grow your wealth!

If you’re interested in more ways to make your money work FOR you, such as investing, RRSP’s, LIRA’s, Real Estate and more…you can begin to make money and create wealth with what you have now, and I’ll show you how!

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