209 The Right Mindset that helped Steven Pesavento become successful Real Estate Investor

Steven PesaventoSteven Pesavento is an investor and entrepreneur who’s built his investing business from the ground up. He went from zero to buying and & flipping over $22 million in real estate within his first two years in the business.

In this interview, Steven shares his desire to generate passive income that sets him free to do what he likes in his free time. After a career as a Management Consultant he started his real estate investing journey and never looked back.

Currently, Steven is working on closing 280 doors , a deal in Jacksonville, FL.

Steven is a strong believer that mindset is key to being successful in business and investing. He is the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast as well. Steven’s company has grown through discovering the Investor Mindset, focused on rapid growth and modeling success.

To learn more Steven, listen to the full interview.

To connect with Steven, visit https://www.stevenpesavento.com/