210 Interested in Mobile Home Park? Meet The Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor, Eloy Retana

Eloy RetanaEloy is a passionate real estate investor, author of the book The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Home Parks and the host of The Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor podcast.

Eloy is an IT Engineer by trade working across many fields including financial, big data and entertainment. He began his real estate education 20 years ago and has been broadening his expertise ever since.

He is currently invested in 113 apartment and Mobile-Home Unites while also investing in his ongoing education both through top notch courses and through personal mentorship with two of the industry’s leading experts: Bryan Ellis and Adam A. Adams.

Eloy educates why currently during this pandemic, mobile home parks have outperformed all other real estate asset classes and why he considers them a safer asset to be invested in as we enter a period of economic uncertainty.

To learn more about Eloy, listen to the full interview.

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