212 Rock Star Real Estate Investor Paul D’Abruzzo shares his expert advise to potential investors

Paul D'AbruzzoPaul D’Abruzzo is leader of the Expert Investor Team, an Industry Leading Investor-Focused Realtor & Sales Team, a regular industry Speaker & Goals-Oriented Coach.

Based out of Rock Star Real Estate, a brokerage well known in Ontario in Real Estate Investment sales. Paul and his team specialize in the Acquisition and Sale of Investment & Development Grade Property in Southern Ontario. Together with his wife, Paul D’Abruzzo operates and manages an Investment Company with a personal portfolio of land development projects, multi-unit residential, student rental and rent-to-own properties across the Golden Horseshoe.

Paul also offers Professional Asset Management Services and lucrative opportunities to invest alongside him in Real Estate Developments & Cash Flow Positive Investments. Paul has been successfully enrich the lives & portfolios of local real estate investors & managing Real Estate investment projects since 2009.

A ​​Real Estate Investment Advisor​ ​(REIA) and​ ​Broker at Rock Star Real​ ​Estate, a Brokerage well known in Ontario as a leader in Real Estate​​Investment education and sales.​

​Paul has a proven track record of financial​ ​success guiding clients through acquisition and sale of Multi-Unit​ ​Residential, Student Rental,​ ​Lease to Own​ ​and Development Properties.

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Reach out to Paul: https://pauldabruzzo.com/ Or https://www.freecanadianjvbook.com/