217 Clear Your Misconception to Get Financing on Multi-Family with D’Arcy Henneberry

D'Arcy HenneberryD’Arcy Henneberry, a CEO of MortgagePal shares the misconception most people have when financing residential multi-family property.

D’Arcy started his career in Finance while working in the banking sector back in 2007. But he was more interested in serving clients to achieve their goals rather selling banking products.

So after getting his Mortgage Broker license in 2012 he started his company MortgagePal in 2013 and quit his job. Since then D’Arcy is educating Canadians on how to navigate mortgage financing and make informed decisions when getting their next mortgage.

In this interview, D’Arcy is sharing

  • The misconception most people have about having at least 20% down payment to get their mortgage approved
  • The recent changes in CMHC lending rules which could affects your investment property
  • How the financing works for multi-family investment

To learn more about D’Arcy Henneberry, listen to the full interview.

Reach out to D’Arcy: https://mortgagepal.ca/