218 Andrew Keel – From Wholesaling and Flipping houses to Expert in Buying Mobile Home-Park

Today, I have Andrew Keel on my 7 Figure Real Estate Podcast who is from Orlando, Fl.

Andrew started wholesaling and flipping houses in central Florida by mailing out yellow letters.

And one day he got a lead from the yellow letters in Ocala, FL for two mobile homes for $2,200.

While knowing nothing about mobile homes he got the titles ready for them and purchased as  is since he knew that it’s definitely costs more than that to build new.

Reach out to Andrew: https://www.keelteam.com/

Andrew KeelSo he search on the internet about how to make money on mobile homes and he came across Lonnie Scruggs books “Deals on Wheels” where he talks about how to create mailbox money.

From that book, Andrew learned how to fix the mobile homes and selling them under contract. And he got $4,000 down payment for those two mobile homes and was getting $250/month cash-flow for the next 5 years and he has done 19 more deals just like that.

This is how Andrew started getting into mobile home parks and now he owns 20 mobile home parks across 9 states.

In this interview, Andrew shares his journey and tells us why he fell in love with this asset class.

To learn more about Andrew Keel, listen to the full interview.