Here’s the EXACT model I used to build my real estate portfolio from ZERO to $44,650,000 in less than 9 years almost entirely with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (OPM) and how you can model it to scale your business.

My journey of building a $45MM real estate portfolio in under 9 years almost entirely with OPM and yes, yes – right here in CANADA!!

So strap in, plug in your business brain and get ready for some mind and revenue expanding nuggets from someone who has been there, done that, AND got the t-shirt!

…..From September, 2007 to present…



I am about to be 100% transparent with you.

8-Figure portfolios are NOT built by….

No Stress

No Pains

No Failures


And many more negatives that repel a normal “corporate 9-5’er”.



This is not some post that will paint you a glorious rainbow.

And it may scare you a little.


It is my plan for you to extract at least ONE THING that will help YOU this year.

Let’s start this journey.

I feel it is important that I begin with my youth and move it to the present.

Understanding that life failures and pains are truly blessings.

That is extremely important for me to optimize the present.

My past is the strong foundation behind me building this $45MM company.

I grew up with 6 brothers, one sister and a very loving mother and father.

Born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, not enough money to keep me involved in extra-curricular activities, easily bored…found myself a single Mom at the young age of 16.

Basically… at that point my options were limited.

Single Mom, C student – happy to finish grade 12 – did not have interest in taking more school.

I wanted to make MONEY!!    With my first job at age 14 I got a taste for the freedom money offered.

I wanted more, not realizing that minimum wage “good job or not” didn’t equate to the “MORE”, I wanted.

Soon I was hearing, “Edna you have to learn to live within your means.  You got a decent job, weekends off – what more can you expect?”

My decent job was as a receptionist at a medical clinic and consisted of pulling charts, filing and walking patients in to see the Doctor.

Soon…bored again – realizing that if I had some more knowledge I could move up within the clinic.

So I took a couple correspondence courses – increased my skills and moved onto the next J.O.B. – soon to realize that those few hundred bucks extra I got each month only gave me a taste for MORE.

Still had the mindset that if I was smarter and/or worked harder I could reach my goals.

Fast forward a few years and after many self-study/correspondence courses I got a better JOB with a title – Office Administrator – felt good – got to almost double what I had been earning.

The Construction Company I worked for was a total LIFE CHANGER – for me in a multitude of ways.  I was given responsibility – was allowed to make decisions and mistakes and I learned a ton.

Here too though – I got to know I was capable of more and wanted more – so after seeing an ad in a local paper several times – someone looking for “someone to help them in their financial planning business”.  I thought this person is not getting what he is looking for – maybe he’d consider me part-time.

AND THAT is how I was introduced to the financial planning industry.  I was able to start part-time as the company was Primerica a Multilevel marketing company that offered term life insurance and mutual fund investments.

So as I learned the financial planning industry – I kept my J.O.B. and my boss allowed me to set up a group plan at the office.  We were losing some of our best guys to the government because of pensions and such – so he made a mandatory contribution plan and VOILA – instant 100 plus clients.

Second year in I was making half my salary and then knew this was my next shift.  And scared shitless – I took the next step and moved into the straight commission world.  Many well-meaning people telling me I was CRAZY to give up a steady job with a steady pay cheque as a single Mom and go to work for commission.

And THANK GOD I did.

I made the move and the first year made one and half times what I made as an Office Administrator.

2nd year I hired an assistant and tripled my income!  I loved it and knew I had made the right decision!


It was a never ending cycle and I had to consistently sell, sell, sell.


My daughter and I wouldn’t eat. (ain’t nobody got time for that) J

Pretty simple concept.

I soon saw the power of RESIDUAL income from the service fees we got from the fund companies and the monthly investments plans that were running.


It reduces the stress of your expenses.

It brings security to you and your family

You can take time off of your current NEW BUSINESS GRIND and retain your current clients.

RESIDUAL INCOME BRINGS MUCH MORE TOO.  (Hence…My current model that I will disclose later in this post for you)

I hired a Strategic Coach who showed me how I could either double my income or double my time off by focusing on my top clients.

I made income whether I brought in new clients or not.  Plus I scaled back to working with my top 100 clients so I could maintain top notch service.


I was 100% focused on increasing that income.

Each year I started the year with 15 times more in residual income coming in than I used to make in an entire year at my clinic job.


And then it happened…

I met the love of my life and we decided to have children together.

Life as I knew it was about to change forever.


…….PART TWO will be released soon, so please connect OR follow me here on LinkedIn.

I will be taking you through our exact model to date, to 4x’ing in 2015.

(The above writings will give you a solid background on why I chose to structure this business and our offers the way we do.)

 P.S. Want to learn the EXACT strategy that I used to grow my real estate portfolio as quickly as I did, with mainly other people’s money?

Register for live masterclass here! 

Stay tuned for part 2 of my story, I have decided to share everything!

Here’s to your success,

Edna Keep

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