Did you know that the words you use are going to determine whether you are going to be successful or not? Stick around and I will give you some words that you should be very careful about using.

So, some words that you should be very careful with when you are using them are words like always, never, try, I’m overwhelmed, I’m frustrated, and I’m confused. Certain ways that you say “I am…”, such as “I’m no good at that. I just can’t read books like you.” Different things like that. If you think about that and if you are saying words like that, you’re actually deterring your success. You might be saying you want success, but if you keep saying to yourself, “Well, I’m just not that type of person” or “I just find it difficult to talk to everyone” or “I would just rather stay home”. If you say, “I’m confused”, well you know what? You just get more and more confused. If you say “I’m overwhelmed”, what happens? You become more and more overwhelmed. So, try using more words that are serving to you like “I am learning more and more every day and getting better and better at what I’m trying to do” or things like “I am a money magnet.”

If you are struggling with money that might be something you say instead of saying “Oh, I’ve just never been good with money! My parents weren’t good with money and you know what, I’m just not good with money.” That doesn’t serve you. Try a different language. Actually, “try” is not a great word either. If you are using it in the concept where you say “Well, I’ll try to do that.” Generally, that means that you will try but you probably won’t get it done. A better word might be “I will do that. That’s something that I’m going to write down on my goal list and I’m going to get it done.” So again, when you are thinking about what you are going to say, say it in a more positive frame to yourself. Most people will, or a lot of people, are very very hard on themselves.

I have a friend that I give advice to once in a while and she’ll say something very derogatory about herself and I will say, “Would you ever say that to me?” And she will say, “Oh, no Edna! I would never say that to you. I love you!” Well, “Don’t you love yourself because you’ve just said it to yourself.” So, think about that. Give some thought to it and let’s change those words and let’s change your life.

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