I had to share the good news with you today!

Clear Vision, Clear Results

I have just been notified by The Real Estate Investors Network, or REIN if you are not familiar with this amazing group please check them out, but not until after you are done reading this..

“Congratulations!  PPREIG is two years old!”  Come out and celebrate our 2nd Year with us.  Sept 27th 2017 – 6:30 doors open for networking – presentation starts at 7:15 and there is opportunity to share any deals you have and then network more until 10PM.  This day only we are offering a savings on our annual membership for $600 plus GST.

For details on what the membership benefits are please go to www.ppreig.ca

Do you love the idea of growing your business without it controlling your life?

I did, and am here to tell you that making a plan, and then taking a step forward every single day will get you to where I am now.

My primarily focus is on real estate investing, growing my portfolio to the point of having financial freedom, residual income and being able to enjoy my life in the process.

In just a little under 8 years my husband Warren and I have grown our real estate portfolio to over 388 doors with an estimated value of $40 million.

All except the first two properties were bought with the help of OPM (other people’s money)! We own 14 doors personally and the rest with Joint Venture Partners, mostly passive Investors who are looking for a great return without being involved.

Now that I have obtained so much real estate as an investment, and after learning so many important lessons along the way I am building a new business coaching other real estate investors to achieve this type of success for themselves.

The number one thing to remember is that you MUST start somewhere.

Don’t wait until retirement, create an early retirement!

Don’t wait “until the market gets better” make the market work for you.

Maybe you aren’t ready to hire a personal coach?

Well, stay tuned as I am working on a special group program right now that you just may want to jump on, so that next year you can be presented with the Top Player Award!

If you would like to be put on my email list so that you can hear more about my new programs comment below and I will be in touch!

To your success,


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