Sometimes, you need to dare potential investors to just say ‘no’. This might seem counter-intuitive, but consider how allowing a prospective investor to say no can help you make the best use of your time. Some people are ready to invest immediately; others are interested in a future deal and some might not be interested at all but are too polite and/or shy to hurt your feelings. If you detect the slightest bit of hesitation, give them an ‘out’. By doing so, you will save yourself time and also give them the opportunity to gracefully decline if the deal or timing isn’t right for them. If you have presented a deal to family member, friend or peer and sense any sort of indecision from them, act on that immediately. Say something like ‘Hey, I understand that this deal might not be for everyone, I am an adult and you won’t hurt my feelings if you aren’t interested, you can be honest with me and I won’t take any offense”. This will be the quickest way to a clear response. You may be surprised by the answer you receive! You may hear:

  • Oh I am definitely interested, but can’t do a deal until the new year
  • You know, this isn’t exactly the opportunity I am looking for, but please let me know when you have (‘abc’ type investment)
  • I don’t handle the investments, my wife does all of that, maybe you can talk to her instead
  • You know, I am not sure if now is a good time for me, but I will be in touch if I change my mind.

All of these answers give you a solid indicator of how to categorize these contacts. Carefully take note of what they are saying and make a point to follow up with those who are looking for a different deal or different timing. For those that weren’t interested – don’t bark up that tree again. They know what you do and what you offer – don’t waste anymore time presenting deals to those who don’t see the value or aren’t in a position to take part. If you are too persistent with a cold lead, if could cause friction in the relationship – and you don’t want that to happen. Be sure to back down, and kindly thank any of these people for their honesty (and mean it) because they have saved you time and cut to the chase. A professional investor does not need to come across pushy or desperate. Not every person is the right fit for real estate investing – and that is okay! There is no point in making phone calls and sending emails to people that just aren’t ready for what you have to offer. Focus your energy on the warm leads – the ones who are looking for a certain deal and specific timing and you will see your deals come together faster – you will also keep your personal relationships with non-investors happily intact! Are you interested in learning other tips for handling deals, investors, and objections? I have opened up my schedule for totally free, 1-1 strategy sessions with anyone who is interested in learning more. I have some really exciting news that I want to share with you about my 12 week course, 90 Days To 5K. In honor of this, I am hosting 2 LIVE Masterclasses tomorrow and will make the announcement there. Want to learn my 5 Step Strategy To Growing Your Real Estate Portfolio using OPM (other people’s money)? Head here and register for the FREE Masterclass webinars: FREE Masterclass Registration Fore more information about me and what I offer: 3 Part Video Series:

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